Is making a player home possible?

I’m thinking of creating a player home mod for Henry like a farmhouse in a forrest or near a town, since I can’t find any on the nexus. Does kcd’s modding tools have the capability to create a player home?

I’m sure making a player home is possible since there are already 2 castle mods on the nexus.

The new mod that was being discussed on Warhorse’s social looks promising.

I have heard of this mod before. I looks very promising. But do the modding tools have the functionality to make a player home.

Yes, people have modded in entire new castles, so as long as you’re using existing assets, then it should be pretty simple.

Is there a tutorial I can find to know how to do that.

I would look into WH tutorials on YouTube. I am sure you could find something there to do a mod like that.