Is my response win or fail


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@gerardfraser: Your response to this person is both a win and a fail. A win, in that you are the only one actively updating the mod, yet this user is complaining and asking you to spend your time removing unnecessary stuff.

But also a fail, they made a valid point that cheats shouldnt be bundled with a graphics mod. You are expecting ppl to expend unnecessary effort to remove sonething that shouldnt have been there at all. If i am installing a graphics mod, then it shouldnt contain cheats. A cheat mod containing cheats is of course OK, but that’s what you would expect from such a mod.

I am not siding with either of you, I just prefer to see both sides of a coin.

On a personal note, I tried this Optimized Presets months ago, it did absolutely nothing to improve performance. I dont have the most beastly supercomputer on Earth, but I’m pretty sure my hardware is more than sufficient to play KCD. Especially when I consistently get 60+FPS at 4K res in most other modern games, but not KCD. Right now I get around 40 with all settings on very high and res at 1440p.


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