Is Pribyslavitz shopkeeper bug fixed?

For years I’ve wished for the bug that makes pribyslavitz unshoppable fixed. I cannot shop in pribyslavitz store because it game says I am trespassing at morning, noon, evening all the time.
In my case i was kornelius shop. Some other guys told Zach and Archery master have the same issue.
Have this issue been fixed at last?

Sounds similar to my trespassing issue: While Cornelius WAS ON THE WAY from Rattay to Prybislavitz, i haven’t been allowed to enter the shop. Did u wait several days? Maybe Cornelius got stuck?

I think that’s another issue. Kornelius ran shop fine before patch 1.7. After the patch, the shop area was not allowed to enter(trespassing), and after years the issue hasn’t resolved.