Is Radzig Kobyla homosexual?



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Spolier…He’s flaming, He get’s caught by the cook playing with big vegetables. Watch out


Switch hitter… “You’re father was a remarkable man, and you’re mother, she was remarkable too.”


Yeah, when he said that. I figured something was up :rofl:


(((Oy vey)))
Sir radzig came to me about 20 years ago for financial advice. Von scheckelnosebergbladstien life and financial advisor.

First I had to manage his silver. Then I gave him SCHLOMO dildo

He was,never the same again.

Hehehehe (rubs hands together silly goyim I ratted to sigismund about his silver for half the share.))


Oh my God! He is my Father!


LOL he finally found it out :smiley:


It’s weird because it looks like that guy never experienced father’s love.


Thanks for you all, who do not told me spoiler. :wink:


So why has such an esteemed noble avoided marriage… seems odd


Just waiting to see how big a foo…er…reaction you would have.


Who’s ya daddy.


I hope he’s not. Damn really hope not.


Not if he had a bastard son.
The only ones SPOILER are toth and eric.


Yes, my lord