Is Radzig Kobyla homosexual?


I got into the game stage to I met Radzig Kobyla at the Talmberk prospect. It was an interesting interview about the meaning of life. But he looked at me strangely. As if he was in love with me… Do not you think? Do you think he is a homosexual?


No, he is not. There is a detail that points to that, but it is a spoiler.



He loves Henry … But you’re gay fantasies are wrong. Once you figure it out you will be embarrassed you posted this.


But that is good that you can catch sentimental things and they have done such a good job at expressing the facial expressions through the actors on the characters in the game that you picked that up that’s that’s that’s pretty f****** cool


Tanks. I hope, I will not be embarrassed. It is only question, I do not know. I will see if future in the game the reality.


That made my day. Good one :rofl:


thought the same

btw: This thread is pure clickbait/advertisement -.-
I guess the OP played the game more than 100 hours because he seems to be admin of this fansite obviously…so this question is pretty obsolete :roll_eyes:


Yes, characters are like in a movie.


I have played lots of side quests. At the Game main story I am at Ulrich meeting.


Yep. he’s completely head over heels in love with Henry.


What is embarrassing about a homosexual relationship?


High quality bait.


I don’t think he meant that they were, just that as the story unfolds the OP might see the funny-side to his post.


The facial expressions on this game are top notch!..Iv’e noticed myself admiring them as well, during certain gameplay moments.


Admiring a bit of the oul Radzig… hands off he only has eyes for Henry.


Gr8 b8 m8 i r8 8/8


So where are you going with this? are you hatching a sub-plot… he wasn’t really killed because of tax collecting. That was a ruse. In fact, he was killed because of homosexuality persecution


Bah ha ha ha :rofl:


My bad I’ve been busy playing my game like holy s*** there’s a lot of stuff I was missing I didn’t even know how messed up my game was but there’s just features missing the blacksmith The Apprentice they never work together meaning that never swing on the same piece of Steel together that animation totally removed

There was no poachers ever ever let me reiterate that ever no poachers ever in my game that was just the empty area where they were supposed to be at and that was it there was there was the area I could just walk in there and open the chest there’s nobody there

Game wardens out and about looking for poachers again non-existent in my game

Who would have thought player line to would open up the full potential of the game as well again no stutter well there’s stutter but it’s not it’s basically it needs to load up it’s not there’s a difference between FPS drop due to a massive dump of information on the screen and consistent stutter this goes away after a second of sitting still when you go into a town or city

Two months later I’m finally able to actually play my game with all the features f****** crazy