Is the game any better?


I played this game at around launch, is it better now? DLCs are coming out now and i was wondering if it was worth getting back into it.


Well, if you are like me and really enjoyed the game at launch because it was hard and challening, then be ready for a different game. Its Way easier now, and a lot of the things have been changed, But i still enjoy it


I bought it about a month ago and have had no issues game play wise. One of the main quests was kind of hard, but it seems like it always was and once I changed my tactics, I was able to handle it.


Even in the beginning it was good bugs or not. Ultima 9 Ascension was riddled with them and it was an amazing game. The problem wasnt with the game its wimps like you who cant stand a challenge. They made the lock picking too easy because people were complaining. I even had some issues at first but would have preferred it stayed the same because as with anything perseverance pays off in the end and it became easier.


They made it easier? Thats boring, the difficulty of the game was why I liked it. What all did they do to the game?


Dont know how I was a wimp, the reason I liked it was because it was hard. I stopped playing because I didnt have anything left to do, not because it was hard