Is the hardcore mode worth a try?

I’ve seen people post metas for the hardcore mode, but I like to do stuff my own way without research. I like harsh fights, getting scared because I get ambushed in a 3v1 and some other hard stuff. I stopped playing the game 3 weeks after release cuz I finished the game and the texture popping was God awful. But now I’m re-downloading the game and gonna give hardcore mode a try. Do you think I should give it a try? I’m by no means an expert in this game but I would really love the challenge.

You answered your own question at the end there

The hardest parts of hardcore is the dice game is harder and you don’t have a map location or fast travel. There really isn’t much difference, but it does make the game more satisfying. Combat AI seems unchanged and enemies go down just as easy/hard as normal. Since you’re riding everywhere, it makes it a lot easier to avoid random encounters. Similarly you have more perk points since you don’t have to waste any making fast travel safe. Perks are generally more useful in hardcore. It’s really a monkeys paw situation.

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