Is the Mac/Linux version out of the picture?


Unfortunately not right now. I have no new information yet. Sorry.


I really hope that Mac/Linux version will at least exist. I prefer to boot windows as little as possible.


Non windows backer here. I really hope you are not going to let us down by not delivering the game on the platforms it was promised. And if you are, I hope at least you have a refund plan.

From a mail I received in Jan 2014:

In our world, we can offer you PC/Mac/Linux version in all tiers. From the Baron tier above, you will be able to choose our game on any platform you wish from those mentioned above (i.e. Windows PC / Mac / Linux / Xbox One / PS4), with the proviso that on consoles the game must be approved by the platform holders first. In case we are not able to finish or release the game on the platform you chose for any reason, you will be able to choose again (from available platforms) or demand your money back.



I have hoping to try out the beta on my Mac


Any news from the front?


CryEngine 5.3 with Vulkan API is scheduled early December. Maybe we will have more info after(if) they upgrade to this CE version ?
We don’t have any update on Linux support now, but maybe we can have an indication when this update will come ?
Is it a technical hurdle that need to be solved (e.g. CryEngine OpenGL/Vulkan) ? Is it a priority/financial one ? In this case, I fear wine will be the only solution :fearful:
Anyway, let’s hope !


I doubt Wine can make it. A Wrapper may work, but most likely slow and unstabel. Another task is the audio-system. To be honest, I don’t think we will see a a ( native ) Linux - Version.


For information, the latest email newsletter (08 Dec 2016) includes official confirmation that the Mac/ Linux version will not be available at launch. They explain the reasoning and also provide an email contact for those that have a concern over this also;

To guarantee a high quality throughout the entire game, we have made a tough decision to cancel some elements to the game, including the following:
Support for Mac and Linux platforms at launch
The blacksmithing minigame
The dog companion
A solution for concerned Kickstarter backers will be offered on a personal base via


Sorry to necro this thread, but for what it’s worth, I would just like to underscore to the devs that there are a growing number of people who are trying their best to move away from the invasive and tyrannical policies that Microsoft has so infamously adopted with the introduction of W10 and who is, apparently, actively back-porting these anti-social policies into W7, W8.0 and W8.1. We are no longer in control of our Windoz PCs, we are merely lessees of a service. A service whose price is far too high! I would happily purchase a W10 license, if by doing so I could regain my privacy and reestablish control over my machine. Alas, this is not possible.

The problem is that so few developers and publishers seem to be willing to support Linux, even though their underlying game engines now support both Vulkan and Linux. By ignoring freedom-respecting platforms, the software industry are complicit in Microsoft’s assault on our privacy and personal freedoms, by further limiting our choice. I can understand and forgive if the Linux port is not ready on day one, but I earnestly and respectfully plead with you not to cast us asunder.

Yea, though we may be comparatively small today, we are growing steadily in both our number and our strident opposition to the Great Satan of Redmond. We merely ask that you do what is right and just and we beseech you to stand proudly with us against their invasive grasping and clawing, at what are our most private and intimate details. With your help, we can build a better tomorrow for humanity.


Kind of glad you necro’d this.

If it’s due to skillsets that they haven’t done a Linux version (because they DX11’ed the engine or chose one that has only DX11 support) there’s people that’d be willing to help out. They DID make a promise there with the Kickstarter.

As one of those people (Several ports already to my name…), I’d be more than happy to talk with them about the subject. It’d be a shame to see this not have Linux support when they’d already promised it.


Well, so what happens to us who backed it up expecting a Mac/Linux version now?

Do we get to choose another platform?


I suppose we don’t get anything…?

Really, it would be greatly appreciated if we could get a response, even the slightest show of interest is appreciated as soon as it keeps us waiting with our minds in peace.


Sorry for the late answer, missed your post after gamescom. Yes, as we will not have a Linux version at release, you can schoose another platform of course.


If there will be version/s for Mac/Linux released later in the future, will we (non-Windows backers) get additional key to that version or would we have to buy the game again on Mac/Linux?

As an Earl pledger I get only 1 game key, which will most likely be used for my PS4 (which I didn’t have when pledging), I think it’s fair to give us (if the game gets eventually released to non-Win system/s) the additional key to the newly supported platform/s.

I pledged only because it was promised that the final product would work on Mac. I don’t want to stay in suspense for another few years, so I’m going to claim the key for PS4, but I’d very much prefer to play on my Mac so if it is ever supported, the only fair thing is to give additional keys to backers on that platforms as a little compensation for false marketing.


A good bud very complex question. I have to find that out.


please figure it out and let us know.

I’m in a similar situation, claimed my pledge finally after years to find out my platform has been scratched.

So my question would be, is there a planned support for Linux/Mac in a near future after the final release (honestly)? And if so, can we claim on Win and later play on our preferred lin/mac? Actually I think so as you say the final will release on Steam which lets you play multiplatform!

If not, how are you planning to resolve the issue? I’d suggest a full refund for those who wish to cancel their pledge.


Hello @GeraltOffRivia,

I talked to our CEO about your questions. We can´t promise any Linux version right now, we just don´t know at the moment if we will be able to make it. But if we will have a Linux version in the future, then yes. We can switch your version to the Linux version later at that time.


Thank you for the information, @DrFusselpulli ! I have an experience that these “future ports” rarely happen, Witcher 3 being an example, so I’d like to proceed to my refund (what is the process, just send you an email?) and if the port happens in the future I’ll buy the game.


Yes, if you want to have a refund, this is possible too. You have to send an email to
We will need to have the username or email of your profile. The reason for the refund and the place, where we can send the money to. This will be your Paypal email or the name of your credit card with the last four digits of its number, depending on which one you used for the pledge.


@DrFusselpulli I assume the same goes for Mac as well?
It’s a fair move from devs that they will let us switch if the game ever gets ported. But in the future, if you say something is going to be available to specific platforms, then you better choose a language/IDE/engine that supports exporting native builds to these platforms. Didn’t the devs knew what engine they were going to use, when starting the KickStarter campaign?

Also, the gaming community amongst Mac users is not that tiny speckle anymore as it used to be. More and more big-franchises are supporting both Win and macOS natively, and honestly it’s not that hard to do it (there are APIs that can make even C# code running on Mac). Don’t know about Linux though.

But anyways, enough complaining. Thanks for the good news and I’m looking forward to play the game on my PS4 at least :slight_smile: