Is the Mac/Linux version out of the picture?


Well, despite seeing that the Alpha and Beta will not be available for Mac, I realized that the “Get the Game” section does not include any Mac/Linux options, is this generalized in the “PC” category or is the Mac/Linux version of the game officially out of the picture?


No, this is not out of picture, it is just not possible right now. We still have this in mind, but we can not promise.


Ah, well good to hear there’s still hope.



so why did i an upgrade of my pledge for beeing a betatester for the linuxversion?
…no mail, no hope…


However something still intrigues me, if I want to upgrade my tier, would I still be able to select Mac as my platform?

(Also, the upgrade tier message has a small typo in it, lol: You already own have a lower tier, but you can upgrade! )


I’m perfectly content to wait until after other versions launch but this ‘cannot promise’ rubs me the wrong way TBH. from the KS:

You explicitly say you can’t guarantee early access on non-Windows platforms but now you’re saying you don’t know if you can do mac/linux versions at all? If you’re going to renege on that promise, you at least need to share more than just ‘still ahve this in mind’.


Think about a Mac / Linux port from a development / financial standpoint. You’ll see it’s not worth because the potential or existing playerbase is way too small.

Of course, if you’ve got nothing to do with your programmers, nowhere to invest the money, no trivial tasks (like neverending large battle optimization, rendering, weather, gameplay system tweaking, etc.), you can do it.

But essentially game-dev is a business, so you’ll always find something more to add to your base game on the “main platforms”. :slight_smile:


If support for Mac/Linux would not be worth their while, time and money, maybe Warhorse should not have advertised it as a prominent feature of their product in the first place. Nobody would have reason to complain in that case. They did advertise it, however, so the associated cost and effort should already be accounted for (although perhaps it has been underestimated).


Ok, but then don´t take the money from the ´non main platforms´ because that´s the shitty part of the ´business´: take my money to invest it into a better Game for winusers :confused:


Well said. TBH, some studios choose to get the initial ambition too high and underdeliver in the final. Hopefully, Warhose isn’t that case, but you never know - at this point, they can perfectly and validly explain why currently Mac / Linux won’t happen, apologize for the misinformation and… kinda get away with it.

Some will be pissed, but who cares about the minority :). Perhaps I’m myself being too honest in this post. Forgive me :smiley:


Yes Inlesco, you’re stupid. Minority grows, not majority. You know what ? I have a big machine under Ubuntu and I gave my money to obtain a game. A GAME not words. If Linux version is not released, they will have to give back this money. Nothing more to say. Stop your pseudo-economical bullshit. We are growing. Even Microsoft is changing. You will have a cute Ubuntu logo in your w10 in no time lol. A nice bash command line from Ubuntu. Linux and especially Ubuntu is widely deployed on their cloud. Seriously, about video games, take a look at Vulkan performances then shut up. The problem here probably comes from Crytek and they lazy behavior when it comes to mufti-platform. Maybe It’s anther software part they are using. Maybe for the UI ?
The devs MUST explain !

P.S : sry, I’m french, I hope my english is “logical” lol


Yeah, as said elsewhere, communication in that case is not very good. All we know is beta is not coming for Linux and release dates for specific platforms will be announced some time in the future.

No technical explanation, no clear comittment. I would say Inlesco is perfectly right when saying that WH can get away with it. We’re not in a position to put any pressure on them (and at the current point that also would seem counterproductive).

Of course, for all we know (and we know next to nothing), it may be an issue that is not under WHes control. Whatever it is, letting us backers know would be the the right thing to do, even if it would not change the current situation. At least we would no longer hang in limbo.

Btw., I also agree that Linux is a growing market, and it is certainly a worthwhile target, even though the absolute numbers right now are still low. Sooner or later, investment in the required technology will pay off. Better to be at the forefront when it comes to gaming on Linux than being one amongst many when the rush starts in earnest :slight_smile: .


Well, there’s no need to be an asshole like yourself. You achieve nothing by calling others’ stupid, other than promoting yourself as a rude idiot.

I didn’t say they shouldn’t make a Linux ver. I’m a Linux user myself for web development because Unix & bash, zsh make things so much easier. But it’s no news game developers can easily find an excuse for something that won’t just happen.

And, trust me - you may think the devs own you an explanation on something, but in fact - if they do many other things right - there’s no need to explain shit for the end user because they simply changed their priorities.


Ok, sorry I’ve been rude.
You don’t have a title so I suppose you’re not a backer. I am. In crowdfundings, you have to talk with your founders. They can’t change “priorities” as they want. It’s a contract, you see ?
I founded a game that I want to play once released. If I can’t, contract is broken. I can understand technical, engine, distribution problems. I know them too well. But they must explain. I know, Crytek is not Epic… they must be always struggling with OpenGL4 and not Vulkan…
But it’s not a absolute excuse, Warhorse must tell us, founders.


Of course people can be rude towards dudes like you, who obviously don’t see the big picture. I already paid for the game. I even paid for the promised beta access on Linux. So please, could you stop being a condescending dick and accept the fact, that WH willingly took the money from backers by promising a Linux version for years only to realize now, that a Linux or Mac version might not happen at all? For my part I feel royally screwed.


I believe this far into the Beta release it’s more than likely that we won’t be seeing a Linux/Mac version, so that question was answered by time itself, but the doubt remains, will the game be released on the promised platforms or no?


Guys, if i may, please restrain from the uncivil language, otherwise we will be forced to close this thread.

Once again i remind you that fate of Linux/Mac will be anounced at E3 (June). And if so it happens that you wont be satisfied with the anouncement, you will get your money back, if you will wish so.
I understand your frustration on the lack of informations, but thats no excuse to be throwing vulgar names at each other.

So please calm down.


Why’d you split the potential playerbase in half - the backers and the non-? This doesn’t lead to a more productive discussion, anyway.

Why not just directly contact Warhose on their Twitter? Post a public tweet on their official TW, explain your concerns about the Linux / Mac versions and see what happens.

Report back when you’re done. This seems the most logical take of action. Peace, cheers.


Splitting the playerbase was not my intention - but as a backer I have already paid - you get the difference I suppose (you, on the other hand, deem it perfectly valid to ask why to care about a minority - the smilie doesn’t count). Being no backer I wouldn’t care in the slightest whether a port of KC:D would appear, I wouldn’t be in this forum and I wouldn’t complain.
From what I can tell, WH has already been asked several times for more specific statements. Well, after all June is pretty close already. I expect an announcement along the lines “will appear some time after the initial Windows version” (leaving open what “some time” will actually mean).


Any news for us poor fools who backed a project that included Linux and macOS versions?