Is the PEGI 16 rating official?


These PEGI 16 ratings we keep seeing on trailers…surely they are just trailer ratings and not for the finished game?

I would have thought that going by the history of PEGI ratings…this game is a PEGI 18 by default since they have a habit of seriously going way overboard on their ratings.

I mean Dragon Age: Inquisition got a PEGI 18 despite being very tame. The violence was not graphic, there were no torture scenes, the swearing was sparse and light and most of the world consisted of a very unrealistic fantasy type setting. I would have had trouble even trying to justify a PEGI 16 rating for that game!

We know that Kingdom Come: Deliverance contains strong language…and the violence/gore factor, while certainly not extreme…looks a lot more brutal than Dragon Age: Inquisition.


I think ratings on video games it’s worthless …
I mean, why for instance they do not mention the good stuff on video games?
At these times, every single video game has ‘strong language’


Violence and it’s repercussions is ‘realistic’ and not ‘glamorised’, there is some obscene language and some sexual content (again of a normative and realistic nature), also some drinking and gambling. Unprovoked assaults, theft etc are punished when player involvement is detected/suspected. Absent any significant set pieces that go outside these bounds, the current “Provisional” PEGI 16 as displayed by Deep Silver is likely to be applied.


I still don’t understand why Dragon Age: Inquisition would get a PEGI 18. The bloodless non gory violence that takes place is not even realistic…not to mention it takes place from a distance and there were not even any finishing moves or decapitations, you can’t even do unprovoked assaults. Most the enemies you fight are beast or super natural beings. And I don’t remember seeing any substance abuse.

That game should have been a PEGI 12 at the very most.


I mean just look at it!!!

Even this gets a “provisional” PEGI 18 rating !!!


The game is the cutscenes and movies as well as the gameplay. Impaling, throat slitting were among elements called out for DAI


I really can’t remember any cutscenes or movies that actually showed any type of graphic violence that would warrant an 18 rating.

This execution scene for example…

You don’t see anything.

For a game truly worthy of an 18 rating without any doubt…look for the youtube video “Manhunt 2 PC Extended Executions with Static Camera” !!!


Looks like gore and violence is the most important thing for some people…


dont forget nudity! as there were some buttcheeks in DAI, PEGI18 was imminent…


Sorry! No nudity, no fun!


That really depends on the type of game…a game like Doom definitely.
But KCD on the other hand…it’s actually the more realism approach that’s most interesting to me. Not to mention the huge open world and landscapes/atmosphere.


Actually even PEGI 12 can have “nudity of a slightly more graphic nature” (don’t know what that actually means)


PEGI 16:
This rating is applied once the depiction of violence (or sexual activity) reaches a stage that looks the same as would be expected in real life. More extreme bad language, the concept of the use of tobacco and drugs and the depiction of criminal activities can be content of games that are rated 16

It seems quite suitable for Kingdom Come.
But I have no idea why Dragon Age: Inquisition got PEGI 18,


No, the game is not rated yet. We will see what rating we will get. The raiting for the trailers are just ratings for the trailers, not for the game yet.


just dont get banned for not being tolerant enough and not involving enough black people in medieval nobleman roles!


Back when the BBFC (British Board of Film Classification) rated games here in the UK, which ended July 2012, they also gave the first Dragon Age: Origins game an 18 rating.

The first Dragon Age game was definitely a bit more brutal than the 2 games that followed it…especially as it did have head decapitations during the combat gameplay.
But even with that…I still felt the BBFC 18 rating was too harsh.

They gave Skyrim the BBFC 15 rating back in 2011…and that game actually had close up decapitations and throat cut finishing moves!

However last year, the remastered PS4 and Xbox One versions of Skyrim got the PEGI 18 rating!

There was, for a very brief amount of time during the transition from BBFC to PEGI, that both would rate the same game. I remember seeing a BBFC 15 and PEGI 18 on the same game disc!


The game is currently getting age rated! :slight_smile: The 16 was provisoral (only stuff from the trailer was rated).


Cool man, so any indications or expectations of which way the rating will go?


We are aiming for 16.