Is there a console command to adjust health regeneration during combat?


Since this game does not have a new game + (I know, its a sin tbh), i decided to download a premade save with henry’s stats maxed out before tackling any quests in the game.

Unfortunately, a good portion into the game, i noticed henry being able to take blows that would normally “game over” me. Turns out, i noticed his health bar regenerating during combat w/o the use of potions (which shouldnt happen in this game).

The premade save user mustve used a cheat/ console command to make this happen. So i was wondering if anyone out there knows any way to disable this via console.

Does anyone know the console command that addresses the health regeneration? specifically for combat…


Health regeneration is skill.


Lovely. But would you happen to have an answer to my problem? Would you know the console command to address/normalize this regen issue?