Is there a mod that allows you get the combat perks?

Simply put I am wondering if there is a mod that gives you or lets you unlock the perks you get from training with Benard. No I am not willing to do that one inconsequential mission for them. I will just rather continue pretending that I never bought this game. Last time I asked this a couple of people got defensive because I do not like story driven games. I just feel like I would enjoy this game if there was a mod that made it playable without doing the story. Don’t bite my head off please.

Thanks man

Don’t see a problem in wishing to have “sandbox”-like mode - just same KC:D, but without main storyline. I made a separate topic about this some time ago.

I mean, I like the world of the game, and I’d like to wander there without purpose or any obligation to anyone. That’s why I liked Kenshi - noone gives a f*** about fact of your existence, survive as you can.

if you don’t liek story driven games, why did you buy one that is extremly story driven?

Let’s be honest. General storyline of KC:D is by no means unique, there are some great quests in the main line, and great characters, but last part of game is horrific (siege) and cliffhanger for second part doesn’t make situation better.

Also, I fail to see, how exactly KC:D can’t get non-story mode, based on the same plot of the game, which just won’t revolve around Henry this time. He is simple refugee from Skalitz, end of story. It definitely may affect replayability in the positive way - as it is not funny to replay prologue part again and again and again… Here is the world of the game, here are sidequests, noone cares about you - survive.