Is there any way to pause the dialogues in normal conversations?

There are a lot of dialogues that are continuous, because of it, I can’t understand all the sentences, It’s so fast to me.
I’m not a native english speaker or a very good person in this language, there is a lot of words that I don’t know what mean, I always have to search at the internet to check these ones.

Unfortunately, I don’t think there is. I’ve never found a way to do it, anyway.

No way to pause, but what you can do is take a screen shot. I think Ansel from Nvidia pauses the game, so you can possibly use that. A screen shot would be the easiest way though. Does tabbing out pause?

Nvidia Ansel does not work during cutscenes and I doubt it even works on conversations, it is for environment shots. If you use dropbox, take screenshot and go to it, you will get more pictures. By the way, it is good point to have pause or continue on click.

Certainly. I gonna try to use that dropbox thing (I didn’t know that this screenshot system could exist) thank you all for clarifying my query. :slight_smile: