Is this game relatively bug free now?

Hello guys,
I love Witcher3 (one of my favourite games of all time). Steam could be having a sale starting tomorrow and I have been keeping my eye on this one. Downside is on launch day/week/month bluehost I read about all the bugs and it was a real bummer. I promised to revisit once I can get through a sitting without huge game breaking bugs like reloading a save file from hours ago (adult/kids, not much time).
So how is it now? Major bug free? I can handle small bugs like clippings or a single NPC walking into a wall etc, just not game breaking ones.

It is pretty bug free after last updates. I’ve played this game over 100 hours, and saw only couple major bugs. Smaller bugs exist, (like in every game), but they aren’t really frustrating. My tips for you:

  • This game is really time consuming. One main mission can take hours. Thanks to save and quit, you can now play this game smaller times, without loosing progress. But you can only load those saves once. Once you have played this game longer, you understand why they made it this way. Saving and then pickpocketing -> fail = load is just lame. Suffer the consiquences of your actions, thats the point. Just remember to save a lot when you are doing missions, that way you don’t get frustrated once you die on mission etc.

  • If you decide to buy this game, train your skills before you start going further with story progress. Like learn how to fight with sword and bow, and it will be much less frustrating once story progress goes on. And its good to make some money, so you can buy some armor and stuff. I failed in all of these with first play through, and boy was i in trouble at combat. Your main character is bad at everything in start. You will have to train a lot, especially combat techniques. Even when you do, sword fighting will still be tough at start. And there is no aim dot for the bow, because believe it or not, there also wasn’t at medieval :wink: all tho you can get some mod for that if you want, and i think thats fine, since combat is pretty hard overall.

Thats pretty much it. Once you learn the saving system and get your skills upgraded, it will be much easier, and less frustrating. This game is not nearly perfect, but overall great AAA RPG-game. If you like this game, you will get great value for your money, and imo the DLC’s are worth it too. If you can get Royal edition for decent money, buy it.

Edit: Some major bugs still exist, but i guess i was lucky not to face them more than couple times, and for me load was allwayy a decent fix. So i would’nt anyway skip this game because of bugs.