Issues with combat questions for devs

Why can’t we aim and select direction of swings and thrusts? Why does my adversary get stabbed in the face and stay up? Why doesn’t repeated swings to one area cuase a broken limb. Likewise Shields feel bullshit and unreactive and should likewise be directional. Everything feels super rigid there’s no weight distribution of the force of the attacks.

Can’t select the direction of swings?

are we playing the same game?

you can select the direction, but its all locked into a rigid system
for instance if you are on higher ground to your opponent you cannot manually stab at a slightly downward angle to actually hit them, henry just blindly stabs directly out in front of himself and the strike goes completely over your opponents head.

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Maybe I’m wrong, but if you aim down and then stab it should stab slightly down. It doesn’t seem to go at a 45 degree angle or anything though. I know if I push it up and then stab he’ll go for a face stab rather than a chest stab in normal circumstances.

yeah thats not what i mean though, if you are on a high ground and stab the attack will go straight over your enemies head, henry will not angle the strike downwards at all

Got you. Then again, I can’t even stab a rabbit with my war hammer… combat definitely needs some work.

yeah lol
although i have managed to punch rabbits i think, been a while since i tried

absolute vs relative position… :roll_eyes:

Not sure there’s a perfect answer. If the guy is higher, you can rabbit strike his legs rather than reach for chest

yeah i know
its too bad really