It seems to run fine so far?


I think it is a great game. I think it is coming along very well. The Graphics could use a bit of work as when it comes to my System being also top it still couldn’t handle it. I play Most all games at Highest settings full FPS with no problems. It crashes every 10 to 15 mins. I am going to give it a break for now till the next update. I hope when it is release it won’t have this many problems. My system is Intel Core I7 with 16Gigs of Ram Win 10 with a Geforce GTX 1060 with 3 gigs of Ram. I know others use better and still get under 30fps.


There will not be anymore updates to the beta which is very old. Only final release 2/13/18.


beta is 1,5 years old :)they just took all things and take them together final game will be optimized


1070 and 1080 gtx should run on everything maxed out and msaa x4-x8 Inc Max Distance View Vegetation at 1080p or 1440p.
with gtx 1060 3gb maxed details but distance view , msaa vegetation and 1080 should run above 30 fps stable.
with gtx 1060 6gb you should be able to msaa and increase distance view and 1080p.
And with Radeon graphic cards prepare to sell them cuz they all suck no matter what u tell to anyone they will suck They were made for RAW POWER.

I bet this final release won’t fix problem for old graphic card users but It will fix Stuttering Spikes and such but not stable framerate.


1080Ti does not run noticeably better than my older 1060 (in a system with otherwise the same components)… the beta is totally CPU bound