Item ID and in-game names

Is there a XML file anywhere in the Kingdom Come installation where I can locate what an items ID is and what the in game name for said is? I’ve been manually comparing Item.xml to armor.xml, then comparing what stats are in armor.xml to both in-game and wiki info on armor stats. But surely there must be a better way?

See attached ID list.

Credit for this goes to some of the guys in the KC:D Discord server (unfortunately can’t remember their names!)

Item_Ids.txt (118.8 KB)


Thanks, that’s a time saver. Any idea where that file is located?

It’s attached to my post.

Apologies I mean’t what directory is that file found in? Saves me routing through .pak files

Names attached to Item ID’s aren’t stored in a single file, they’re assigned a ui_in_xxx (description) and ui_nm_xxx (Name) in Tables/item/player_item.xml, which references your language’s localization .pak in KingdomComeDeliverance/Localization/Language_xml.pak/text_ui_items.xml

For most modding work it’s much easier to just use the master list BlickMang provided

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Here are the direct links which BlickMang mentioned above. The links are mentioned in the sticky posts of this Mod.

From the Modder Xylozi:

I’ve compiled a list of all the item uuids alongside their ingame names, which could be useful for people using these console commands.

From the Modder WarriorAdam:

I’ve created a list of all known character perks in KCD and also attached their corresponding id’s.


You might be able to pull them from your .tbl files which the game uses to store things. There is a python decoder on the nexus kingdom come modwiki.

But using the above list would be quicker :stuck_out_tongue: it is up to you iguess

Hi guys,

I’ve compiled the list of Item Names/IDs/Types into a searchable table for easy use, you can find it here:

I’m in the midst of also making the IDs clickable to copy directly to your clipboard for quick use, the feature should roll out within a week or so. :slight_smile:

Edit: Click to copy function is now available! I’ll be working on adding the direct spawn commands shortly.


Good job! Only some items are missing from the list. for example this little fella

Also called a Chanfron and criniere like the armor we were able to get from the nest, only this is different and I find it more to my liking. Also there are I think 6 more different styles of Chanfron and criniere, all with the same name. I do not know if they were added in recent patches or if people compiling item id lists simple ignored them.

There is another one in the game at a ruined stone building NNE of Rovna. The horse armor is the same as the nest and safer to get. left over from the Beta.

Thanks for the info! I used the pastebin that’s been passed around here to make the list myself so it’s likely that it wasn’t included. I’ll see if I can find more info on this whenever I go back to add in the click-to-copy feature.

Is there anything else in KC:D that you guys would like to see on a searchable list like this?

Gracias por esta hermosura de TXT !

Is there any cut weapons or gear?

Cut Weapons and Gear

Great job! But what about a soul id of npcs list?