It's Feudal - Where Are the Weddings

As much as I found Mount & Blade Warebard to be a great game, but with little character development, their wedding scene is pretty good and a bit moving, and it has some long term impact on gameplay. So for KCD, where are the Weddings? What are their impacts? Henry’s of course! With Teresa, or someone arranged by Radzig? Peasant weddings, starting with Johanka and Matthias? (who should end up in Pribyslavitz.) Han Capon’s? Historically, did he marry? What was the impact? Can we get one that causes a war, or at least some border raids?

Why not a moving wedding scene or scenes? (Preferably not GOT’s Red Wedding, please.) Particularly when building up to it so strongly with the Henry / Teresa relationship? And wouldn’t Teresa want to move to the completed Priby Rathaus instead of the mill with her uncle? Come on, Warhorse, do this portion of the game as well as you have so much!!! Thanks.

While the prospect you propose might sound very entertaining, it can be difficult to incorporate into the flow of events of the game which were presumed to happen over but mere several weeks. However if there be a sequel, we may look forward to such a development.

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Realizing the timing is legit. Thanks for taking the time to reply.

As for a sequel, I’d pay another $60 for a comparable sequel, and be an early adopter/tester, too!


+100! Undoubtedly!

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Henry is committed to death ,she is his soul mate and he made his vows in blood. The wedding was just stacks of bodies and blood covered armour.

So it is another Red Wedding!

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