I've pre-ordered the PS4 version


Ok so. I’ve backed both the PC and PS4 version.

But. my PC can’t run Kingdom Come: Deliverance because it’s a potato with intel i5 - 1.8 GHz, 8GB Ram, and best part.
Intel 4k HD Graphics with 32 MB video memory!

I also recall that there is some logistics thing from transferring the PC version to PS4 version, even though I’m not a Kickstarter backer, i’ve backed it afterwards, which i wish i’ve known there was kickstarter for this, otherwise i would’ve done that day.

I’m still crossing fingers that those like in my situation, can switch the PC version to PS4 version, for all the reasons when the PC can’t… run the game.

So in my doing, If i couldn’t switch PC to PS4, I’ll be keeping my PS4 Pre-order and then cancelling the PC Post-Kickstarter pledge, but if i can switch from PC to PS4, i’ll cancel the pre-order. But either way i still would prefer if Logistics could take a seat back and just let the PC switch to PS4 just happen.


Or i could just keep both versions :wink:


I’m still waiting for a collector edition on PS4, I really want a sword, chainmail or a beautiful poster


I have also ordered the PS4 recently few days ago.


Console peasant. Any PC will be able to run Kingdom Come in 4K 120 FPS.


Enjoy that silky smooth 30 fps, and complete lack of anti aliasing Mundy. :sunglasses:


I have a PC version.


I will also order the game on ps4. Never really played games on pc but i’m sure it would be awesome as well. Have fun everyone.


Another dirty console peasant: enjoy 30 FPS, 720p and low graphic settings


Waiting for Console Haters and the ‘30FPS, 720p’ argument…


ehm ehm…KC:D on PS4 Pro is run now on 45-50 FPS in FullHD :slight_smile:


While on PC it can run on 120 FPS.


who need 120 FPS? :slight_smile: 60 is enough (btw…I am PC guy :smiley: )


120 is the only way.


maybe 144…bcs of 144 Hz monitor…if you dont have it you have probably “only” 60Hz and then you need only 60 FPS


I am just trolling.






Actually, on russian website about games, Playground.ru, you will find a lot of PC-gamers saying so.


My world is a little more full of the things that matter. Have fun and enjoy.