Johanka disappeared

I can’t complete the In God’s Hands quest because Johanka has disappeared. The quest hasn’t failed, but there is no longer a marker and she isn’t in the infirmary any longer. Has anyone else had this issue?

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She goes to help the sick infected people inmerhored

She does that before you finish the In God’s Hands quest?

She did in my game. To continue parts of In God’s Hand I had to travel to Mehojed to talk to her.

I have the exact same issue. No marker, she is nowhere to be found. Not in Sasau, not in Merhojed.

I couldn’t find her either but after sleeping for the night she was back. I don’t know if she disappeared or was just sitting somewhere I didn’t see her.

I failed the quest by giving the laborer some herbs. And when I reloaded the Skalitz people were gone.

I can’t find the bitch anywhere…