Johanka is a b****

Sorry for the strong language but it’s true. Let me explain why:
(contains spoilers for the quest “In God’s Hands”)

1)When you speak to Johanka about the injured and you mention the worker from the monastery, she scolds you and asks why you even bother with him. She only cares about the Skalitz people. I can understand that in some way but it’s still rather bitchy from her.

2)The first time the Custodian came around when I was there, I ended up spending a night in jail trying to defend Johanka from this sleaze. So what does she say in response? “Oh I dunno, he’s not so bad in his own way…” I’m thinking, is she serious? Not even a day ago she was complaining about being harassed by this guy and now she likes him? Henry asks her if she is serious and she comes back with “At least he was here the whole time unlike you!” Seriously?! Since I arrived I have done nothing but to treat this people. She wouldn’t even have the supplies from the Custodian - the Custodian who has been ABSENT this whole time! I’ve been absent too yeah, because I was busy running through the woods hunting for food, brewing potions, fixing broken bones which nobody else could do etc. all for the people! And this is how she thanks me? I swear this girl is unbelievable…Not only is she an annoying b**** but she’s also a medieval gold digger.

Sorry for the little rant but don’t you agree?


Oh, she is!
But this is actually what I like this game for: everyone is like a live person with their own character.

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Yep, I never spoke to her again. And I stole everything that was not nailed down from custodian’s house.


Well I guess I just didn’t expect that attitude from her. But it’s kinda cool that the game gives you characters you can be wrong about. The Custodian was pretty cliche and so was Johanka I thought. Now that I think about it, I’m glad she showed her nasty side.

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What’s funny, when I spoke to the custodian a little I realized that he might be not a bad person after all, unlike Johanka. At first I was tempted to think good about her, since she was taking care about those wounded. Then, when it came about that worker from the monastery… okay, I tried to understand. After all, I could imagine she was overwhelmed by all that and could have been somewhat nervous. But then, when she told me off after I saved all Merhojed from the pestilence, done so much for the infirmary… It’s a pity I couldn’t tell her what a bitch she was.

But, again, the fact that all these feelings are born not by real persons, but by characters of a video game, is awesome.


I felt the same way when I first met her. I could understand that she’s stressed with all that’s on her plate, but the way she shits on Henry is uncalled for. She acts like she left Skalitz with Henry, and he abandoned her on the road to Sasau. She keeps throwing the “At least they were here…” line in your face. When you tell her that you’d nearly died, she seems to not give a crap. All she doesn’t is complain about your efforts. When you accomplish something good for the people she’s caring for, she doesn’t appreciate the help. With all the skills of Nicodemius, and the other monk, they weren’t able to come in and set things straight like Henry could, and yet all she seems to care about is the fact that they were there, and you weren’t.
I would be more believable IMO if when you meet her for the first time in Sasau, she isn’t excited to see you, and if you’re willing, will task you in helping her. When you help out, she can relax a bit more as you lessen the burden on her, and she thanks you for your help, not accuse you of not being there from the beginning.
I only really helped because it was the right thing to do, not to receive praise from her, but I definitely didn’t like her character. She didn’t make sense to me.

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I gave the worker herbs before looking at the Skalitz people. Well apparently if you do this the Skalitz people die. Yeah she’s really angry with me now. I tried reloading to do the quest over but the Skalitz people are gone.

Same thing happened to me, i gave him a herb to help him heal and the rest of them died. She just goes ‘hmmpf’ when itry to speak to her now. The quest where your supposed to ask her about some guy that was bit by a dog cant be done that way nowbecause she’s in a mood. I also couldn’t do that quest one of the other ways either, the gang fight way. Due to one of the fighters your meant to fight running away at the sight of henry. But yeah i really dont like that johanka.

She is very realistic, though. Haven’t you met real people like her? I have. I did what she asked, because of the righteousness of the actions, that’s without saying, but her bitchy behaviour is very realistic and very different from typical RPG quest-givers’ behaviour, working as “get task - do task - get reward”.

I don’t mind here attitude, she has a lot of sick people to help. Anyone in her situation would be stressed. I started the quest to get help for Sir Divish. I negotiated to get supplies (I payed that guy off). I also brought meat for them. Then I made the mistake of giving the worker herbs. I just wish that wouldn’t fail the quest.

I did all the same. I gave the herbs to that worker just because I can’t see any reason why he would deserve help less than anyone else, but the quest didn’t fail.

Then I made the mistake of giving the worker herbs.

Really? I did that too but the quest didn’t fail for me. Maybe you have to help the people in the right order?
I first helped the guy with the broken leg, then Philip, then the guy who needs bandages, then the worker and then the one who couldn’t sleep.

she’s myopic and pragmatic about attending to current needs; that opens her to potential exploitation (Custodian). her post quest dialogue is just a frustrating as Theresa’s.

two other related gripes:
post quest fizzle - KCD like most games has left the post quest locale static and cold. No special dialogue options with Johanka including potentially a rinse-repeat activity (procuring herbs, potions, bandages, clothes). after the quest, the remaining patients are stuck in animation purgatory. some might be bedridden for game months, but others should certainly either die (open bed; guys outside move inside) or get better (sitting up, walking around, lie back down) and leave

impacting NPC world - after Henry helps and finishes the quest, that’s it. the downstream impact of saving these lives is underwhelming. maybe some of the wounded will never fully heal and become indigent. so, make them a drain on Sasau/Sasau monastery (decrease local reputation). others will heal and become productive. perhaps they move on (other place) or stay in Sasau (increase local reputation). make these saved lives matter beyond just completing the quest. game wise matter could mean more resource/quest opportunities

early on Johanka and Henry have got nothing. later, however Henry has much more to offer. this doesn’t impact the options (eg, Henry gets permission to provision directly, or Henry gives money to Johanka to manage). Henry should be able to pay the Custodian to move her out of the barn and into one of the permanently closed rooms. etc

if Henry fully aids Johanka, her rep in town/area should ascend. patients should want to come and visit. banditry still prevails in Bohemia so plenty of new victims with wounds. etc.

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Just kill her


This quest is all about being good exactly with the people that don’t deserve, achieving maximum christian charity. The most despicable person, the inquisitor, is exactly who you need to suck up the most, if you want to be successful. You should not have beaten the custodian, for example, and even Johanka is not a perfect saint, not to mention our main character that probably sinned a lot up to that point.

When I did this quest I did everything perfect the first time, except Adele, the prostitute, because I also thought that saving a woman from a slimy guy the violent way was the right thing to do. And I failed with the inquisitor himself, that I answered with irony on few occasions, but I never directly confronted also. It’s very easy to hate the inquisitor, but in the end he holds all the authority. Despite of me doing everything almost perfectly, helping people, doing the peregrination humbly and praying along the way, donating to the church, and getting sincerely touched with this amazing quest, Johanka died in the end just because I was less than pleasant towards the inquisitor. I didn’t load the game, because I felt it was very real, bad things happen to good people because of some despicable authority, despite me being quite disappointed.

nice summary. thx for sharing. medieval times were cruel (still are). and, from your description, it seems reasonable to conclude WH crafted a fine if tragic/twisted story the likes of which are seldom seen in games.

Wait until you play her questline in the most recent DLC. (Lots of spoilers ahead)

She claims the Virgin Mary comes to her in dreams and starts proselytizing the people of Sasau. But not before admitting to sleeping with the Custodian. Then, after you help her with various tasks, she has the gall to call out Henry’s “sin” and tells him to walk to Uzhitz on a pilgrimage of “penance.”

She’s later (rightly) accused of heresy and put on trial by the church. Henry tries to defend her in court, but the idiotic twat does everything in her power to get convicted. Saving her from punishment is an arduous task, and is nearly impossible without consulting a guide. Unless Henry does a lot of intervening, Johanka will refuse to recant, condemn the church, and when publicly flogged as punishment for her heresy, will continue blathering on about her dreams until she gets her tongue ripped out.

As a side note, Mary, unlike her son Jesus, is not God and is therefore not immortal. Whoever came to Johanka in dreams is definitely not the Virgin Mary as she is long dead at this point (Ecclesiastes 9:5). So her actions are absolutely heretical.

Johanka is a reprehensible character with a holier-than-thou attitude. I wasn’t sad in the slightest when she ended up dying in my second playthrough of "A Woman’s Lot.