Johann the horse trader in merhojed stuck protesting after the "All that Glisters" quest

I completed the “All the Glisters” quest and traveled to Merhojed to purchase Warhorse Jenda from Johann, after looking all over for him, I found him protesting outside the stables where the prisoner had been kept. The prisoner was no longer in the barn as I took him to jail yet they were still protesting. Because of this I can not talk to Johann at all which means I cannot buy any horse or horse garments. Is there anything I can do to fix this or does this require a bug patch?

Thanks a lot for your time.


I got exactly the same problem.
First, the horses didnt respawn after finishing the “all that glisters”-quest; now they did (i think fridays patch fixed it), but still cant buy warhorse jenda due to johann standing around protesting.

any help?

Same problem here. I really want to buy house from him but no matter what I do he is either scared of me or just keeps protesting. I tried punching him, shooting him, knocking him out and dragging him back to stables, and killing him just to have him respawn in his house protesting. It is very frustrating to have glitches like this throughout the game. I love the game but it frustrating me to no end.

Just want to chime in and say I still have the bug. I want to buy gear from him, but he is protesting. I’m now at the end of the game and he is still protesting. As the above poster mentioned, I tried knocking him out, and paying a fine to try and reset him, but it didn’t work.

I tried to reset him by comiting a crime in front of him and he’s not protesting anymore but I also don’t the option to even talk to him now
Does somebody know how to fix this?
Any commands any mods that could fix this?