Joust and how it could fit in the game

may be there is jousting in the next instalment of the game not the dlc’s but the act 3 which will be the second game spoiler alert ,at the end of the game henry and lord coupan are riding off in the sun set so to speak on a mission what if the place they are going to is a place where jousting tournaments are held ect. I will leave it at that now and see what happens great discussion guys i hope i did not sound to hostile i was just defending my idea and backing it up so to speak. all in the name of having more fun added in to a great game.

Why does a fictional book and movie have anything to do with reality, and why are you using fictional faff to justify such an absurd claim when we know from contemporary writers that jousts were held during wartime? Ivanhoe didn’t exist. It’s 19th century medievalist romantic fiction with no bearing on reality. Using it as a source for anything is ignorant at best and malicious at worst.