Joust and how it could fit in the game

The story is great and only warhorse can really do anything with this as they are the ones in control,however we could give ideas like the following when it comes to new content.
Medieval times all around the world was about honour for example japan Europe now in Europe we would lay down arms and wars would come to a standstill for the joust only nobles could take part in the joust knights where noblemen so to fit this into our game it would have to come after the story of Henry finding out who his farther really is.
then we have the king and his brother who could also come into play via a jousting tournament
with this it would open the door to a lot more content and a lot more story line content .
the could be plots and schemes added there could be love story’s and sad times and happy times like for example one knight could be involved in a love story and Henry helped him and he ends up getting killed in the tournament.

Now Henry on the other hand he is still seeking revenge but due to honour and sir hemmish drums it in to lord capons head and Henry’s head that the joust is honourable and they must not forget it.
If the joust is only done via a modder it will spoil the game because of the story .
so i hope warhorse will consider this.
look at the many films even oldies like Ivanhoe (1952 film ) this will give you the idea of what jousting was all about. a maiden would choose her champion to fight for her in the joust this would certainly be something that could create a side quest .
this content would definitely be worth doing because of the many things that can come from it .
it will give us more game play that would give the game that extra lifespan and create more revenue for warhorse .
So to sum it all up it would give us plenty more side quests more story line and great game play with the joust alone.

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but Would there really be a jousting Tourney in the middle of a civil war?

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The fact that there’s a DLC for a tourney in the middle of a civil war is odd enough, given that tourney’s are held during peace time, but a joust? I think the closest we’ll get is lances and horse combat in Band of Bastards.

If you understand history and where honour fits in you will understand the concept of the joust.
like i said everything came to a stand still when the joust tournaments was in effect it was called the knights code. the film Ivanhoe shows you this ,it was all in the name of honour . while king Richard was away fighting the crusades he was kidnapped while on his way back to England. Robin Hood was in England and the Kings brother john wanted to take over the crown and Robin hood helped stop that from happening .a joust tournament was called and Robin needed a knight that was on the kings side to fight for them so they turned to Ivanhoe ,England was at war and the tournament took place under the rules of honour ect ect.It would be no different anywhere else as some of the knights where from other European country’s hence Normans versus Saxons .

Ivanhoe came from York and robin hood from Nottingham ,the black knight also was in the film ,and the black knight was a knight that no other knight could beat .
hearing that this games going to have a character come into the game known as the black knight this all fits in very nice i can’t wait to see if its the same one and if its correct how they portray him.

So i hope this information as helped build a bigger picture of why jousting can take place and that it was used in times of war and that the history lesson helps with the understanding of this not to miss out on some real game fun and extra content for story line.

Historians are not even sure if and when there was a Robin hood. and not sure he was around during the crusades

Ok you want to say it was a myth and legend that’s fine so where did Henry your character fit in because there was no Henry of Skalitz . If you visited Nottingham you would see many things linked to Robin Hood . Nottingham Castle as tapestry’s and paintings of Robin Hood That tells a different story to the ones told in films and books. one painting does in fact show him in Sherwood forest at the grand tree and the tree is painted in great detail with his band of merry men and king Richard so the chance of Robin Hood being a myth is likely but also could be true and i don’t think anyone will ever know . It still does not effect anything to do with jousting if you don’t want it in the game that’s fine .

And Cumans and bandits were bound by such?

IMO, too much medieval history gets viewed thru the prism of England

Well, when KCD hasn’t enabled warhorses for NPCs outside the quest Run and scripted rides from point A to point B, I’m not sure jousting is a technical option WH wishes to pursue

That’s because England was a very powerful Nation and a lot of our history is slowly vanishing .

What does that have to do with the eastern side of the HRE and plausibility of an honor-bound tourney for knights when Cumans and (non-Cuman) bandits are murdering, raping and pillaging towns and hamlets in our slice of Bohemia?

So basically Cumans where the only people going around doing all manna of miss deeds in medieval times and Normans did not burn down villages and do the same to Saxons but still could throw a jousting tournament .mmmm . I know history is a part of the game but i give an idea to bring out something to make the game have something extra for us to do that could be fun and everyone is just throwing negative comments. that’s fine guys if no one wants jousting so be it .

Context. The underlying point of Sigismund and his allies march on Bohemia was to liberate holdings of nobles (loyal to Wenceslas) not by honour but by deceit and force.

I don’t have an issue with jousting. As is, I think the tourney is an interesting distraction. Adding jousting wouldn’t materially change that assessment. It would be fun as would a horse archery contest.

That said, Hanush has more to concern himself with than a tourney. His (current) friends face an existential threat, and Rattay guards persisently die at the hands of said Cuman and bandits not 1-2km north of Rattay and half a km south of Rattay (to name but 2 battle points involving Rattay guards)

The larger problem to which you haven’t replied is WH’s willingness to improve the equine combat mechanics. Tobi said flat out no to jousting. That suggests the mechanics are not in scope now.

you do not need any fancy controls and extra icons to control your player when in a joust all you would need is the items and the stuff that’s already in the game and down to the players own skills .
props are already there for jousting marquee tents wooden fencing the assortment of weapons and shields ,now when we travel along a road we can use the shift button i think it is on pc ,i play on xbox1 so would not know but this enables you to ride on a road and the horse does not veer off this could be used in the joust that keeps the horse steady .you have to find out through skill where to hit a rider coming at you to dismount him .So what else would you need ,don’t forget everything in this game is about your skills if you only have low level riding skill your not going to be great at jousting .the only other thing really that would be needed for this would be the lance and this weapon would need a skill tree like the rest of the weapons for you to level up. joust training could be implemented for us to do this like you do in the area with captain Bernard. I think i have covered every angle now so i will see what you all think .

I hear you,but think you’re missing the point. WH hasn’t enabled (NPC) warhorses even though it was one of the kickstart targets. If it doesn’t happen by bastards, not going to happen in KCD. If lucky and it does happen with bastards, then jousting might be a tourney enhancement then

Regarding WH lets face it wh is a company and a company no matter what business needs to make money that’s what its all about now if wh are not interested in bringing out something people want people will not buy there product .So if people wanted jousting wh would bring it out due to the fact they know people want it. This game i know is by far one of the best games i have ever seen with the medieval theme and jousting was a big thing back in medieval times .It would be a shame not to have it.Also there is one other thing that as been bugging me and i don’t know if anyone else as spotted it take a look at your horse inventory ,there is a slot for what looks like a special type of saddle we all know or should know the horse as head armour could this be something they have already thought of towards the joust .we have all the paraphernalia for dressing up the horse with the robes and stuff knights had .

People said they wanted to do laundry, mend clothes, fix shoes and bathe in Pribyslavitz after ashes came out. Still not a part of ashes

yea true lol