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I’m sure that some of you are familiar with Mordhau. Although the combat is fundamentally different, I think that moving in that direction is important for the second game. Why?

The combat in the first game seemed to put a lot of people off; Mordhau’s combat is a lot more fluid (and I’m a big fan of the brutality of it as well). It allows the player to fight multiple enemies at once and although very fast-paced, it’s also very technical and hard to master. Hip placement, angling, swing vs thrust etc. Fighting multiple enemies at once is, simply, broken in KCD. It’s NOT an enjoyable experience at all.

Hope the dev’s give this some thought!


I hope they won’t. Because Mordhau combat is just too arcade.


All of the problems with fluidity would be solved if the devs made it easier to block attacks from the side and behind. But as a side-note, drinking Aqua Vitalis potions before every encounter makes combat in this game a lot more enjoyable.

It is not possible for a normal human to block an attack coming from the side or behind.

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So I guess the main frustrating thing about combat is how it’s too realistic then. I usually enjoy the realism, but the frequency of being attacked by seven bandits at once is a bit too high in this game. Then again, drinking Aqua Vitalis before combat makes this mostly a null issue.

Is it? Then why all the mods that actually increase the number of attacks and attackers? I rarely see as much as 7, but when I do I never hesitate with my decision to freaking run. For a single person it’s too much both in a game and IRL.


Then why all the mods that actually increase the number of attacks and attackers?

Because the combat in the game used to be way too easy. But now it’s a lot more difficult, and doesn’t always scale the number and strength of attackers to the player’s level of skill and armor. There’s nothing more terrifying than being attacked by fully-armored bandits in nothing but gambeson. But like I said, this issue is largely solved through potions and running away when outnumbered.

I’m not saying I would like to see a carbon copy of the Mordhau arcade style combat, but in real life you would NOT be locking onto a single enemy without the ability to freely look at an opponent to the side. I’ve got 340+ hours in KCD and level 20 in sword, mace and axe. Just finishing my last playthrough in hardcore mode now.

In real life limbs would be dismembered and it would be a lot more bloody. Mordhau really nails this.

  1. Call a 5-7 friends, take some larp swords and try to fight 1vs all of them at once.
  2. Take a sharp cleaver and try to cut some fresh cow leg with single blow, and than remember that when you try to do so with some opponent - he would have some protection (armor), his arms would move, and they wouldn’t be pressed to hard surface.
    I think this is enough for understanding the silliness of your statement.
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You telling me you wouldn’t be able to turn your head to see if someone to the side of you is about to take a swing at you?

In KCD, your camera is locked to the person the game locks onto for you. This is not realism, it’s frustration. I love the game, I don’t love, and have never loved, the combat.

And YES, if I hit an unarmoured peasant, I expect limbs to fly. Not all opponents in this game are heavily armoured - therefore your comment about it being a silly statement is unfounded. For some reason, at level 20, this game throws more groups of peasants at me than plate-armoured brigands.

Yor arguments are still silly - just follow the algorithm.

The only two issues of KCD combat for me - sword don’t stuck in unarmoured bodies (I mean there is no feeling of weight of a weapon and strenght applied) and thrust to bare face effect is not what you’d expect in rl and looks unrealistic.

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I would advise against calling someone else’s opinion silly, especially on the internet. Everyone is entitled to an opinion. Your feelings on said opinion is irrelevant and should be kept to yourself; it risks offending people. Not me of course, but for future reference.

The second part of your response is constructive, and I agree.

Mordhau combat would be broken in a singleplayer game. That game and Chivalry both have way too many exploits like that rotating yourself thing. You can counter them if you are a human, but AI would have a hard time fighting against that.

You just need to bind “Unlock target” to something you can use easily while in combat (I use LAlt).

This is what I wrote as a small guide when it comes to facing multiple opponents in relation to my mod (which makes it even harder to fight multiple opponents since they won’t just stand there and look at you, striking one at a time):

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Taking on multiple people, especially with a sword, should be really difficult. Kcd has a combat system that attempts to mimic real fighting ( definitely as close as you’ll find, still waay off) and two or more opponents is hard in any fight.

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