KCD banned in Australia

we play a knight who saves the widow and the ophelin (rape, death) We defend the justice of the king. Unlike other games we do not fuck bestially with all the prostitutes we meet, only with a girl while we are drunk and another to whom we make a promise of marriage. It’s finally wise enough? I have certainly done worse in my life!

this is part of my point. subjective or not, the harsher rating of KCD relative to RDR2 is disproportionate

Bah… Fucking Australia I tell you. I say that and I live in the damn country. I seriously do not understand this country, there are movies rated MA15+ and there is chicks getting raped and sex scenes in general, drug use scenes, cunts heads being mutilated and more. And the same shit happens in video games and they get rated accordingly. And then you have the floppy cock Classification Board deciding that because of one or two scenes in a game, its not acceptable for Australian Standard so they ban it? What the fuck, seriously? Honesty, all you guys in the rest of the world have it great, here in Australia it’s all filled with pussies and bureaucratical nonsense.

From what I’ve read though I think the ban may have been reversed again within days of the decision to ban the game was made, I haven’t yet tried it myself but with the exception of finishing the Band of Bastards DLC, which I couldn’t play before due to it freezing on the second mission (not sure if the patch update fixed this). I don’t know if I can be bothered with the game anymore after smashing 150 odd hours into it. Bring on KC2! If The Australian Classification Board allow it of course…

I am from Australia, just started playing a few days ago on Xbox.

It’s still in the Microsoft store, still on gamepass etc.

Decision must have been reversed.

yeah the ban was lifter after less than a week

To be fair Australia is a nuts country with ratings and in general so I’m not surprised they’ve banned such a great game. This country spawned Peter Scully after all.

Austrailia better burn their books that involve what Danes did to the Saxons. Quickly children, history never happened, its all lies.

So…in Australia you can’t even have historical movies representing the horrors women went through? I don’t understand thought control and censorship at all. The reality of our world is that was absolutely disgusting and horrific i times like that, and it sorta remains to be so in a lot of the world even today (and it needs to be discussed). If we can’t even tell a story about someone’s journey, or how history treated certain people for who they were, then this world is completely screwed. We’re giving people the power to control history now by preventing people from talking about it because it is “hurtful”.

This is so ridiculous. KCD banned because of too strong violence :joy:! What does people from Australia expect? A medieval simulator for 6 year olds??? It’s in times of war and war is not Mickey Mouse!!! There are horror games like Outlast who have a billion times more violence, but this lovely game got banned.:joy: Strange world.

They should better ban Islam from their country than this piece of art!

Still not banned in Australia.

Can confirm as I am in Australia and I play on xbox one.

Yeah it was misunderstanding. There was no ban after all. I think it is time to close this to prevent any other confusion.