KCD banned in Australia

Just watched Sexy Biscuit’s video about this, pretty fcuked up.

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I have seen some news from Australia lately. They seem to make some significant changes and even China was making it hard for KCD if you remember. Also different rating.

hmm, was DA banned down under? origins and inquisition were that different

beyond that, can Aussies play Skyrim and FO4 Nexus mods? they’re far worse than KCD and DA

not sure what lenses the morality police are using there but RDR2 potentiates and simulates far more criminal and aberrant behavior than KCD and as best i can tell RDR2’s marketed in Australia

the RDR2 nightfolk bound, kidnap and carry off a woman at incident spawn points. just about everyone who has encountered and triggered the crazy overly friendly guy outside of St Denis believes Arthur (you) were sodomized. etc. etc. and that’s not even touching on killing. incest, cannibalism, etc

Yeah, they seem to use double standard.

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I’ve contacted the ratings board for clarification (I’m an Aussie) and am awaiting their response. I’m assuming that the RC rating was a placeholder-pending rating until the review was complete and that someone forgot to update the site.

If that is the case, this is just an innocent mistake that gives Warhorse a bunch of marketing opportunities. If not, whatever issue there is has been resolved and the R18+ rating has been reinstated.

I’ve also sent a request to find out their rationale for rating the game at 18+ and will come back here and let you all know the exact reasons and the reasoning behing this decision.

Happy Henrying fellow Henries!

The reason for the RC is simple. No sexy violence in video games. Theresa and the Cumans. Simple as that. While the original game, and Run! kinda implied what is about to happen, the new DLC makes it far more explicit that Cumans killing, and raiding a village, might also not ask for clear consent before they have some sexy times with the local inhabitants.

While that kind of thing is mostly fine for movies, it’s not allowed in games, because you know, games are for kids, and we don’t want kids seeing sexual violence. Kids are innocent and stuff. They’d never look up that kind of thing on the internet. Fortunately we have the classification board to protect us from that kind of thing.

That sounds like good and plausible answer for such a rating!

But behind all these actions in the game is even more what the game is throughout its duration. It may be the religious thoughts behind the story? Every war on earth, whether small or large, between two humans or hundreds or states against each other has a religious and political reason. Some specific people might feel maybe attacked. We saw what was going on in the net shortly before the release of KCD. The people are sometimes not further than in Medieval times.

Australian classifications have strict rules against drug use, non consensual sex, sexual violence, and depections of potentially underaged sexuality. Anything that doesn’t comply with the rules is refused classification, RC. RC media can not be sold in Australia. It’s not illegal to own, or use. However selling and public display is banned.

Red Dead Redemption 2
Drug use - check (besides rampant alcohol abuse there’s cocaine gum, snake oil, sleeping drug use to disable victim and commit crimes, etc)
Non consensual sex - check (Arthur (you) can get sodomized)
Sex violence - check (women NPCs get kidnapped and carried off; a widow gets beat up as prelude to sexual abuse if Arthur doesn’t intervene)

RDR2 appears to be available for purchase in Australia, and it has far more abusive behaviour (actual and implied) than KCD. The only thing KCD has over RDR2 is sex scenes

Latest news:

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Now, if we could only get Daniel to tweet about mod support


Interestingly, RDR2 is only rated MA15+ in Australia, which is one step below R18+. Obviously there’s a lot of subjectivity in these ratings. Encouraging drug use, especially recreational use, is the real problem they have. Alcohol, while a drug, is not an issue. Realistic depictions also seem to attract their attention more. I haven’t played RDR2, so I can’t comment on the specifics of it, or why it would differ, other than subjectivity.

I remember Ninja Scroll getting MA15+, being aired on broadcast TV uncut, and then people complained. It was reclassified as R18+ which meant it had to be censored the next time it was shown. Non consensual sex, and shurikens were censored. That’s right, ninjas using shurikens are not allowed on Australian TV.

they must’ve been impaired during their review of RDR2


player abused

RDR2’s version of the Bloody Benders

woman’s honor in peril

woman stripped down & imprisoned by savage brood

man imprisoned by pervert

player attacked by serial killer

the more memorable ones are above but there are others

The realistic depictions was in reference to drugs. Health potions are drugs. They have no real world equivalent. The only explanation I have for the differences though is that it’s all subjective. It’s not like a word count, where one or two expletives is fine, but three means a higher rating, and four is RC.

Just heard the game was banned by an automated system. So that could explain the apparently autistic decision.

have? maybe. had? not really true. cocaine gum and the other consumables existed and were part of the impetus behind the pure food and drug act of 1906 (leading to US FDA). although RDR2 is ficitonal, the setting is essentially contemporaneous with or slightly before this

there’s obviously some truth to it. but you have to watch the vids and then watch corresponding snippets in KCD. there’s a qualitative difference… RDR2 being worse (but having a lesser rating). it’s not even close unless Aussie are intolerant of coital nudity but accepting of incest, cannibalism, murder, kidnapping, sexual abuse/violence.

They, in this case meant health potions. Health potions in games have no real world equivalent. That said, they are far more concerned about modern real world equivalents than coacine elixirs in the old west that don’t exist today.

‘health’ potions did have real world equivalents hence the creation of the FDA

nutriceuticals are a modern real world equivalent. and some would argue the ever widening use of CBD is too

essentially what you seem to be arguing is that use of a ruffie (aka date rape drug) in GTA or some other modern game would be verboten… even if put in a beverage. but, an incestuous brother and sister giving the equivalent to you (to rob you and kill others) would be permissible if set during the late 1890s (that’s one of the RDR2 depictions above)

You have taken almost everything I have said completely out of context. My only explanation for why they received different ratings is that the ratings are subjective. That’s my last comment on this subject.