KCD v1.6.3 - PS4 version 1.10

Just installed. Let the patches keep on coming :slightly_smiling_face:

“Texture quality and streaming improved - in 1.6 version we lowered memory allocated to textures, which fixed many crashes, but lowered visual quality. We have now managed to implement a better fix that still prevents crashes, but has less impact on texture streaming. We know this is still an issue and will continue to address it in further patches.”

@DrFusselpulli @WH_janrucker etc … from the bottom of my very shallow heart, thank you very much for the additional explanation and acknowledgment provided. 100% sincere; 0% sarcasm!


Jenda, where art thou?! Time to test this out :eyes:

Rattay race - all was sweet until I got to upper castle. A definite improvement over 1.6. ‘Buffer’ seems much better but once overloaded/overwhelmed … popin magic again. This is tolerable, and given WH’s explicit acknowledgment of issue and plan for dealing with it, WH has recovered some good will

REVISED: There’s some fps hit and stuttering. The fps hit is tolerable; the stuttering is ok but worsening will make it borderline to unplayable.

@frelmedieval do you have a link to the exact patch notes?

No, sorry. just read, re-typed from Update History in PS4. Just for you :slightly_smiling_face: I’ll re-type everything. Done. See above!

You the man :sunglasses: thanks.

Since I installed this patch I get that rain bug which is a lot worse than people posted here before. Also bridges and some other stuff are disappearing.

Yeah the bridges is Rattay take awhile to render in, so do the castle walls with regards to texture load. There are also headless people again and some faces take awhile to render in. I was very happy with the previous patch, it was possibly the best one we had for ps4 pro. I dunno why they just can’t leave good enough alone lol

Is the update (1.6.3) only for PS4?

Have no idea. WH has to speak to that

there’s so much going on … optimizing PS4 appears to be like whack a mole. 1.6.3 seems better to me on vanilla PS4 but there’s still room for improvement.

kinda makes me wonder about how many consoles of each subtype they test on before patch release.

don’t know if WH segments its market feedback by platform type. have trusted users in each bucket play the patch and provide performance feedback straight to Jan or whoever.

Worse than this?

or this?

And hows the pop-in and pop-out compared to this?

It’s the same as in second video maybe even worse. It’s been a while I played this game so I don’t know if this has been happening before but I’ve never seen it 2-3 months ago. I came back to it couple of days before this last patch and it was fine too. After patch, first time when it was raining I got that bug. And like someone said, it takes forever to render in, bridges in Rattay never appeared and rain was so annoying that I just quit, without taking a pic.

It’s been happening for months…I believe it started with patch 1.03 if I remember correctly.

Though there have been some occasions where it does not happen…or immediately happen when it begins to rain. That second video of mine was recorded in May.

It’s just horrible.
I have never played a game that has literally deteriorated on a technical so front so bad. the game has actually regressed into a beta code over the last 6 months.

Don’t get me wrong…I love what this game is trying to do, I have invested over 200 hours into it…but that patch 1.06 that released on July 5th just TOOK THE CAKE.

Clothes and armour no longer being visibly dirty/damaged, pop in with things like puddles and carts that are only a few feet away from where the character is standing…pop OUT with structures now disappearing …things like whats shown in that third video example of mine.

Not to mention bird flocks, butterflies, chimney smoke now moving at HALF the frame rate than the original launch state…it just goes on and on and on.

It really is such a shame. To see this piece of fantastic art just fall apart in such an insulting and frustrating way. It’s heart breaking.

Had to suspend my play through after the patch 1.06 disaster. Don’t look like things are going to improve any time soon.

With Red Dead Redemption 2 looming ever so closer…think I am just going to have to write this one off for the next year. Was hoping this game would be my big summer open world single player game, but after July 5th…that ceased.

Still, the 200 hours were for the most part were just breathtaking. Don’t regret buying it …just sad that they seem completely unable to get it stable by console standards and that it keeps getting worse. This game deserves better for all the hard work and care that went into making it.

Should be at a stage now where I can properly recommend it to other PS4 gamers that don’t yet have it. Is that day ever going to come?


the insane popins that came about as a consequence of 1.6 are gone. that said, popins remain. if you ride at a gallop, you’ll still get some popins. if that’s problematic for you, i’d wait.

right now, popins are my least problematic issue. stuttering appeared in 1.6.2 and still persists in 1.6.3. could be a corrupted save but i’m not willing to redo 100h and 1k kills so i’m plowing forward.

haven’t had rain in 1.6.3/1.10 yet so can’t comment.

long story short - given your level of concern, my rec is wait some more. WH has acknowledged the problem and has explicitly said they’re working on it. i have trust they will try to make good on their efforts. how long? i’d check back after amorous adventures. the demo is in less than 10d

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This latest patch has somehow made things even worse. Texture popping is really bad. Had no problem with the rain till now but now its almost unplayable when it rains. I waited until June to buy this game due to the problems peolle were havjng. It just seems to be gettinv worse and worse. I’m pretty gutted because I bloody love this game, but I also hate it. Its been frustrating. I stopped playing at 50 hours because of the issues, completed Nier Automata, came back and its nose dived since then. I just can’t see them being able to fix it. Too many problems across all platforms. This could have been a masterpiece. I commend them for the work they’re doing but damn man I am really disappointed.

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Ha wow, exactly how I would put it for kcd on console.

Was playing the other day had 2 different friends on PS4 see me playing it and ask is the game worth getting. I just said “nah wouldn’t recommend”( this was a bitter pill to swallow). I just didn’t have the time to be telling them all the hassle of the game and certainly not wanting to listen to them complain to me after recommending it( already had enough of that) .

I could not honestly tell a friend to get this game unless I was recommending for pc.

Right now watching them put dlc ontop of this house of cards gives me no confidence that this game is ever going to be worth recommending for consoles.

It makes me seriously reconsider my thinking that the next game will get it right.


Now I’m experiencing even more problems. Weapons and torches are no longer appearing. Horse riding is suddenly very clunky. Headless people are walking around. Everything is rendering before me. I could put up with the game after patch 1.09 (PS4) but this is too much now. Looks like we’ll be waiting another month for the next patch. Its bothering that they’re releasing new content when the original is in shambles. This game should never have been released.

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The entire castle and bridges are disappearing now. I give up, this is atrocious. XCom2, Bloodborne or Warframe. I got them all for free and I’m positive they’ll run a lot better than this.