Kingdom Come and Warhorse Studios

Hey I was wondering what the deal was with warhorse, How are they faring, Are they good? I hope so. What are their plans for Kingdom Come? I sincerely love this game and it’s refreshing to play a game that Had so much passion and effort put into it, a game made not just for the money (EA) but because it was something these people wanted to make, sure it has it’s faults but so what, it serves as a good reminder that the people behind the game are human too. Anyways back to topic- I heard them mention they had quite a tight budget is there anywhere I can donate? Is the Kickstarter still open? I really enjoy this game and hope to see much more of it in the future what do they plan on adding in updates, is there planned DLC and so on. Anyways that’s all I have to say.


For now they are busy fixing bugs and adding features.
The future will bring a part 2 of the game.
Also you can expect some dlc for this one.

Part 2? As an update? Or a sequel?

Part 2 will be sequel

Yes as a new full game.

AND eagerly awaited. My sword and Toth and Markvard have a future appointment.

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You’re definitely right on that sentence! Although for me, instead of a sword it’s an Axe!

Gimli “and my AXE!!”

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