Kingdom Come : Deliverance Forum Google Chrome

Why doesn’t this forum work on Google Chrome? Every time I try to go onto it, it gives me an error message.

I’ve tested and thats my result:

What error do you get?

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It works perfectly for me both in phone and pc.

Doesn’t work on my phone

my browser user profile can get corrupted. This means that i have lost your precious browser bookmarks, extensions and my Chrome user profile. and i also lost my all saved password the most important thing is that i have to log in my gmail account and i did not remember my password. my gmail password was saved in my chrome browser and lost it so for that i have contactgmail customer service and i recover my password but apart form that i lost all my bookmark and extension how can i recover that?

Maybe somehow your browser blocked this forum. Check the blocklist of websites in your browser setting or your browser may be outdated. Sometimes outdated websites block some websites. Upgrade your website. If still, your problem not solved then contact Yahoo Support. They will give you assistance in this matter. Whenever I faced any issue, I made contact with them

This topic has been answered and the issue is in your browser.
So I’ll close this thread.
Thanks :slight_smile: