Kingdom Come: Deliverance - Gameplay [E3 2017] Crosshair dot question


Hi @warhorse, @DrFusselpulli
I’d like to ask you do you intend to make that central dot invisible in the final version? It certainly ruins the immersion a bit!

This was asked since the Alpha. The dot could probably be made optional, whoever wants it can turn it on and vice versa.

Thanks and hope the delay will be wisely spent!
Good luck!

Livestream on Friday 23rd of June

Yes, we had some meetings about it, and it will probably go away in the final version I think. I have no idea why it is still there.


That’s great to hear, thanks team! :slight_smile:


Okay, I have some new information about the dot. It will stay in the game for design reasons. As I said, we had meetings about it and discussed if it should be there or not, in the end, we found important reasons why the dot should be a part of the user interface. So it will be in the final game.


Dying Light (open world zombie game) has a dot, but also an option to turn it off. Is that possible? Even if it’s necessary for something, it could selectively turn on for that.


Maybe, is it possible to make any options for the point? Transparency, size (Limited) and etc…
P.S The point will not cling to my sight when I need it, but when I need to aim at an object, etc., I will know exactly where it is due to transparency.


I can bring this up as an idea from the community to the designers, but I can´t change or make a decision about it.


Yeah, we understand, but it’s will be cool, if we will be have some options with dot. :smiley:


That is very, VERY bad!!!

This was discussed since the first Alpha Build and it always was thought as temporary object, or at least being made invisible. I suppose what your design reasons are - consoles, them again. A console player, althought his auto-aims, auto-center, etc. will hardly orientate without a crosshair. And the versions are pushed to be exactly the same, althought the PC is far superior.

I really think this is very negative, you have 8 months before release, is it that hard to make this transparent, at least for PC? Don’t we initial backers deserve just a gesture of good will? If no other way, maybe an official mod which comes out day one, together with the game.


Hi @DrFusselpulli,
two weeks later, any feedback from the team regarding the crosshair?

I really believe this issue is simple enough to be fixed in time for release, either by making the dot optionally transparent or hiding it visually, not removing it physically.

Such gesture will be most appreciated by me and fellow backers, who still believe that the team didn’t stray away too much from original plan and still respects our opinion.

Thanks in advance and it will be great to hear from @warhorse about that, positively.


I talked with Dan about it, if it may could be an option. He said it is difficult to pick up items without the dot, which can be frustrating. But he thinks about maybe making it an option for the user to turn it off or make it less visible. However, this is a very low priority.


This is hugely disappointing. It must be easy to program a “fade in” of the dot when close to interactive objects.


Well thanks, it is better than nothing! :slight_smile:

Let me try to advocate on that matter - Dan is right, as far as consoles go. Maybe it will be harder to pick up items without the dot, but surely it isn’t impossible. And for most of us hardcore PC gamers, removing the dot will make the gameplay a lot more better and immersive! Maybe it will prove more frustrating to turn down our opinion and leave it as it is, at least I get it that way.

It is normal that this purely HUD issue will be very low priority, I get it. But at the same time it is also probably very easy to hide the dot (option to make it transparent) and deal with the matter. For most FPS games where crosshairs can’t be removed by default, mods are made from fans (not the developer) which hide it and these games actually feel better that way. If some random dudes can make it happen, surely a game developer could do it too, easily.

In the end, if not excessive time consuming (it shouldn’t be), why not make the dot optionally visible? Variety makes sense - everybody will be able to enjoy Deliverance the way he likes the most, and @warhorse would only be praised for that option. Seven months till release seem like pretty much time to do it, even with very low priority.

Hope that the team will decide to make it happen. All due respect to you, Dan and the rest!

Good luck!


I’m really enjoying this game, the scenery is amazing to look at. An option to hide the crosshair when your weapon is sheathed would make it even better. Hopefully this option could be patched in.