Kingdom Come: Deliverance Gamestar Artikel


Die GameStar hat die Kingdom Come: Deliverance Kampagne weltexclusiv angespielt:
“Kingdom Come: Deliverance will das Mittelalter realistisch zum Leben erwecken, wie kein anderes Spiel zuvor. Und gleichzeitig bewahrt es sich das Wesen eines knallharten Rollenspiels, in dem Entscheidungen, Spielerköpfchen und Atmosphäre zu den wichtigsten Tugenden gehören.”


Nice to see Henry’s mother’s face covered in blood during the attack on their hometown.

That should answer some of the criticism we got in the last few weeks :slight_smile:


Ein wirklich schöner Beitrag! Das macht, wie so oft, Lust auf mehr :D!


Is there anyway to have acces to this article for free?


No it is only for premium member. Sorry Bro


But they do have some previously unseen images. Including (part of?) the local map for Sazava.


Some nice screen shots.

Haven’t seen these anywhere else.


The bottom one at least had shown up ~sept 2014.


Anyone can make a summary of what is talked about? Are the 3 screenshots above the only ones?

Some more Screenshots…(01.12.17) 15 new pictures…


No there are 136+ (iirc) images on the site.

(if you run text through translate it mostly makes sense (and changes some of the page layout))


Well I actually meant the video that is behind the paywall. Unless it is nothing new…


The new one…


Finally the first pic. For the first the bow is worn RIGHT :slight_smile:


Because it is so world-exclusive that not everyone is allowed to see it!
Gamestar = bj
And for that again WH, 680


Well, we didn´t expect that they would do this. But we think the article will be public quite soon.
It is also part of the print magazine, and people who pay for the magazine should get something exclusive.


the last one is not a screenshot.
All the other are though.


sounds cruel


that is Sigismund! (last screen on the left)


yep yep…