Kingdom Come: Deliverance Honest Review (Give it a look you won't be dissapointed)

Kingdom Come: Deliverance in all seriousness, is one of those games that come around only once a decade. This game deserves immense credit and commendation amongst the developers, producers and to all who made this game possible. Like I said before, this is one of those games that will stay in our minds for a long time to come. Because of the simple facts, and those facts bring things to the table that other games do not uphold. Or rather never made come to light, nonetheless KCD brought many things to the player base that we have not seen. One that stands out the most is the advanced combat system, nothing has compared in the last decade. Besides the old point and click to attack or block scheme of combat, this new scheme of combat Warhorse Studios. Has provided for us in Kingdom Come: Deliverance has opened many doors to other games and developers to draw inspiration from. The many different weapon choices and combinations, enact actions of destruction and warfare in a battlespace is plentiful. And these weapons offer a variety of ways to use in a battlespace, after once learning combinations and ripostes from Captain Bernard in Rattay. The player has significantly has doubled his lethality on the battlefield, or skirmish they may encounter! (My personal recommendation is to use swords for the training sessions to better understand how they work) The combat system in KCD is phenomenal, and will continue to be loved for a very long time! Moving on KCD has a very unique setting (Kingdom of Bohemia 1403) While in the english version of the game just about all of the NPC’s you find in the world have English and or Irish accents, which to be fair is not off putting but at the same time you go into a state of mind perse like the “kingdom of camelot” or something like that. Besides all of that the setting is really amazing taking place in the late medieval times! One thing i like about KCD is it has that “Assassins Creed-esque” vibe in regards to the Historical Accuracy and or translations of things. However KCD is not accurate 100% of the time either, often times than not you will come across NPC’s or Locations that are spelled a certain way in KCD or never existed in this realm. What I’m trying to get at is Kingdom Come: Deliverance in essence is a Historical Fiction Combat Based RPG. Which there is nothing wrong with that, however the extent must be addressed for the new players coming in!

Below i will offer criticism and constructive criticism for KCD as well as suggestions for the next installment of Kingdom Come: Deliverance!

Landscape - The setting of Kingdom Come: Deliverance is absolutely stunning! However, the state in which things are in 1403 are vibrant and lifelike despite the wars and plague that has left the world in. In other words the amount of NPCs in the game feel very well bleak… you can go miles or for you other people that use metric kilometers and you will not see a single NPC… this leaves the player to stay in the cities such as Rattay, Sassau, Ledechtko, Uzhits, Pribyslavits (if you have from ashes dlc) when they have the option to. Understandably even today in our modern world City and or Towns have more population than rural environments. That’s a fact, my whole problem with Kingdom Come: Deliverance and the Landscape is simple while you have these big cities and sizeable towns the outlying areas feel very empty! You even have areas of the map where there are farms to be found and or homes period. And no one is present! The argument could be that “they walk to their jobs in the city or perhaps they have left due to the unsafe conditions in the lands of Bohemia” which is not a bad argument to be made nor am i disagreeing with it but there are to many cases of empty buildings that you can occupy for rest and recuperation from the elements or worse… now on my adventures I have encountered quite a few wayfarer or wanderer or perhaps the seldom merchant but that still leaves the vast amounts of land empty in this setting my recommendation for the developers to enact is make the Landscape full of life and not empty outside the walls of the Cities and Towns. For the next experience of “Kingdom Come: Deliverance”

Main Quest Line - The Main Story of the Kingdom Come: Deliverance is really unique and very good! However my only problem is the fact that it ended to quickly! And the player choices were very limited to the outcome of the quest!! It would be very interesting to see the player have total choice in freedom in regards to the questline. For instance instead of being a lap dog for Sir Radzig or Hanush maybe Henry or the main protagonist can proclaim a noble house or something of the sort and lash out against the the important npcs or even on the other side perhaps henry could take up arms against the local fiefdoms and have a horde of mercenaries or bandits at his disposal to run the lands again the possibilities are endless and would add hours of replayability to the game!!! That’s all I have to say about that! (Make it longer Warhorse!)

Side Quests - compared to other games Kingdom Come: Deliverance has by far the least amount of side quests to complete. It makes the game very short and nothing to be gained except groschen or perhaps maybe a pat on the back. A couple of these quests offer unique armors or weapons perse but still lack the amount of side quests in the open areas as is. By all means i’m not saying the next game should have tons of pointless side quests to engage in all of the quest but maybe a few quests in Kingdom Come: Deliverance felt like i was actually doing something important and not just grinding for XP or Groschen. Which was a nice thing i noticed in my playthrough! Nonetheless there were some quests, that were completely nonsensical! For instance the quest dubbed “Weeds” was inconsequentially stupid. If i wanted to weed somebody’s garden i would do it at home, not in some game!!!

NPC’s - Besides my comments about the Landscape the NPC’s who were not important and or non-involved with quests or anything looked the same facially or looked the same in general! Next Kingdom Come: Deliverance must have realistic NPC’s! As well as fix the bugs in regards to NPC movement and fluidbility I.E having an NPC “walk push me” out the way while I’m still! Or perhaps see them walk through doors! Not to mention interactions of NPC’s is somewhat bland because no matter how far you progress with the story “you are still referred and treated like” as some commoner even if you have beaten the game and found out you are “Radzig’s Heir” you are still announced or greeted as “Henry of Skalitz or Skalitz Blacksmith’s son” and that really goes against the grain in regards to immersion because as you progress you are starting from ashes to “Knight-ward” or Radzigs personal hetmann. And overtime that should come with its benefits! I would personally like to see Speech, Charisma, Strength used a lot more frequently in regards to basic speech! Furthermore i would like to see Charisma be changed to nobility or perhaps feility to win over dialogue. Which you could earn via over time or complete certain tasks to increase the amount you have.

Archery - One of the semi-useless skills in the game! And yes i mean that! One of the gripes i have with Archery is the fact that even with full stamina “Henry” acts like he is tweaking off of some sort of drug or he has parkinson’s disease! The only time I have encountered Archery to be of any use is in extreme close quarters and often time than not having “Henry” sneaking up on the enemy to engage with a bow to add some sort of shock damage or perhaps rarely kill said foe! I mind you it’s no more than 15ft or 4-5 meters before i will engage the enemy on skill alone. Medium to Long Range combat with bows is non-existent in the game besides some cutscenes or very rare occasions in which case enemy NPC’s somehow release an arrow past the 30ft marker or 9-10 meters even then the enemy pauses and holds back the arrow significantly before release to suggest the NPC is engaging “Kentucky Windage” to neutralize you. In other words Archery is a useless mechanic which it shouldn’t be like that in any regards… Some other things to point in this timeframe in the setting Kingdoms in Europe and abroad used “Archery” as a very effective combat asset. However in Kingdom Come: Deliverance it feels very wrong and piss poor… my recommendation is to fix Archery and allow it to have a serious use in KCD2!!!

Combat - However earlier i praised, the current melee combat system and mechanics in the game. Because it’s the only one we have currently! It still needs to be fleshed out substationaly one of the common problems I see or hear about is the scenario where “Henry” is outnumbered and the player gets their skull caved in. Due to not knowing how to engage in being outnumbered even then the enemy is substationaly going to overpower you because of the combat rose. Some minor gripes could be added for more combos or perhaps unique acrobatic skills to certain weapons. One minor thing i would like to add is perhaps enabling or disabling the lock on feature? Its handy for 1 vs 1 fights but multiple opponents it will get you killed very quickly! Simple solutions please fix for KCD2!!!

Player Customization/Housing - it would be really cool if warhorse took the pages from Fallout 4 or Skyrim in regards to player housing! I would personally love to see perse “plant your flag down” and this is your land to build off of! Or more simpler like they have done in “from ashes” DLC where you build your own town! However instead of just a town why not a castle? Or even a fortress at the minimum. And to actually have a complete say in regards to what gets built where! Or what type of stone is used to build the walls and palisades! Or even wood for that matter. But nonetheless sleeping better in some fancy manor or castle is better than the Rattay Mill or some Stable house……….

Companions - it boggles my mind as to why there are no human companions at all. The only times you see it remotely happen is with Ulrich the crestless knight, or the sassau fortress raid where Skalitz or Rattay Soldiers follow you around briefly. It would not be game breaking or even remotely mess with the flow of combat either, it just adds some extra muscles while you travel or do missions. The horses and Mutt can only do so much! It would be nice to have various, human companions that do separate things and come from separate backgrounds. For instance you can have one human companion who is more of a noble background but with immense archery capabilities and on the other hand you have one where they are essentially very vital in regards to being an unstoppable force on the battlefield but not godlike perse but this companion could come from banditry background or perhaps lesser class in life and have a negative approach towards dialogue if NPC’s were to see them!!.

Overall DLC Summary - the summary for all of the DLC’s was bland, short, stale. There was not enough spice or pizzazz in the mix to give them credit or worth! Out of all of the content my personal favorite was (From the Ashes) because i like player building and customization in games but still lacked vision in level design and creation! my second favorite would be womans lot! It gave us unique insight through the raid of Skalitz in Theresas eyes! However all of the DLC’s offered missed their mark and could have been easily been a lot more tailored and or better scripted perhaps maybe even thought through. Personally all of the DLC’s offered should have been apart of the base game to begin with! None of the DLC’s offered feel as if i got my money’s worth either…

Sub-factions/companies - This is something i would like to see, perhaps in the next Kingdom Come: Deliverance game is sub-factions the player can join and be apart of! I think the developers can take pages from Fallout or Elder Scrolls in this matter, and create sub-factions in which we can be apart of and fight for or either discourse for :slight_smile: seeing this would add tons of content to engage in it would also make the game more immersive! Personally I would have liked to see continuing the “Bailiff” service quest where you could still perform guard duties in various cities or castles perse being on the negative side of things would be nice too! Become a bandit and lead around a band of thugs in the new setting would be nice! Or even have your own band of merry mercenaries at your helm! All of the potential would be immense and amazing. One of the things to add, is during the raid quests on Pribyslavits, Sassau fortress, Talmberg castle. We always saw the local fiefdom troops supporting the raid to take over those specific areas. It was stated time and time again, after each of those battles troops were already lost. And they had little to no troops to defend their respective fiefdoms. Point in case, Talmberg was taken over due to the queens over “Generosity” and lack of soldiers in Talmberg to defend the castle and town in it. Henry or the player could enlist a sizable mercenary band to destroy the enemy’s inside or perhaps enlist the help of the locals nearby to destroy the enemies inside! like a local militia rag-tag type of company perse! it would offer immense player choice!

Player paths - More or less it would be very interesting to see the player chooses, the path that he or she wants to engage such as become a “Rogue” or an “Knight” or even a nobleman! However keeping with the historical context of Kingdom Come: Deliverance. The player paths would have to reflect the context of the times so perse no “Mages” or “Orcs”, “Dwarves” from popular games or movies because that would be immersion breaking as well as senseless. But back on track, I think it would be very unique to actually play as a Nobleman or even King perhaps?!?! Player choice in RPG’s is almost a necessity in these games i understand that KCD was ran by a small production team and was essentially rushed in a lot of cases! It still made a good game! However for KCD2 Player-paths is a must to keep the game replayability unique.

Perks - One of the things I wished KCD would fix for the next game, is make perks actually beneficial for the player and add a lot more into the game! For instance there are a lot of perks that actually could be considered negative and choosing them would harm your character more than good! Or even put in dead neutrality it’s nice to have that to keep things balanced! Nonetheless for the next game they should change it to this style so the player can have a choice in regards to how they want to play with the benefits of the perks!

Traders/Merchants/ more shops. - Personally in Kingdom Come: Deliverance, there were alot of times that I would scratch my head. And wonder whom do i sell a certain object to?? for instance “silver goblet” and not finding a general trader that has just about anything in its inventory to sell or even a jeweller was weird because often times than not i would overload the goblets and sell them to random blacksmiths around the area! In which I could have taken it to another location to gain more money from! Another thing that could be added is foreign traders that act like rare encounters, you buy sell exotic materials such as armor or even weapons perse but it would be nice to see in the next game. Because the silk road is high and mighty during this time. To be fair, another thing that could be added is a lot more shops!!! Which would require bigger cities!!! I.E furniture shop, medical shops or even real doctors of the times!

Kingdom Come: Deliverance current price for USD: $29.99 (Plus tax)
Kingdom Come: Deliverance Royal Edition current price for USD: 39.99 (Plus tax)
At this moment the price is worth the game!

My score for the game, 85/100
Grade “B” is my choice because of the game itself, lack of NPC’s dynamic ones too and short quests and senseless redundant DLC’s the game itself feels very controlled in regards to player choice in other words its the devs version of their game! Not the players! The game itself lacks so many things, that other games already or have done before like i said the game felt rushed or didn’t expected to go well.

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Over 3,000 kills, a majority probably coming from archery. Going to have to agree to disagree


One minor thing i would like to add is perhaps enabling or disabling the lock on feature? Its handy for 1 vs 1 fights but multiple opponents it will get you killed very quickly! Simple solutions please fix for KCD2!!!

When outnumbered, remember, YOU ARE NOT Superman… disengage, evade, step back/left/right, two steps on the run (shift key), try again… even outnumbered you can use the lock feature in your favor.

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Respectfully, if you have over 3,000 kills coming with archery, then you are legolas himself! in other words, you are the definition of an outlier or perhaps one of a kind. Countless people would agree with me saying, how defunct the archery system in the game is! The archery system currently enabled in KCD is made for stealth scenarios or horseback effectively. If you are continuously going into skirmishes with armored combatants with enemy archers too and using the archery to effectively take out the enemies without a scratch! then by all means you are legolas truly! Because i cannot do it, neither can others!

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The ‘Parkinson Disease’ issue is completely overcome when you level up your Archery Skill and get some perks… Meanwhile, use a bow according to your level AND stamina.

Then take note with the arrows, any arrow type has different range, stab damage and power modifier.

For me, I use ONLY Better piercing arrow or Piercing arrow. Piercing Arrow 'cause I like to recover all the shot arrows, and their white feather makes easier to find afterwards (there’s a mod to color arrows, but I like game without mods).

So, yes, you can use Archery skills like a Legolas… haha :joy:

PD.: Try Sinew Bow + Piercing Arrows/Better Piercing Arrows, as it suits you better.

BTW, thanks for your honest review… I liked it :wink:

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“When outnumbered, remember, YOU ARE NOT Superman… disengage, evade, step back/left/right, two steps on the run (shift key), try again… even outnumbered you can use the lock feature in your favor.” Of course when you even try to evade the enemy on the battle space they still seem just to truck you over or knock you down which is quite annoying! i’m not saying turn the combat system to easy mode, nor am i suggesting to turn it into something else because. The combat rose is very unique to the game , i don’t want it to be changed just polished a lot more! and also! i understand Henry is not superhuman by all means, but when the games very premise is to start from absolutely with no knowledge of warfighting and or warfare to someone who can defend others and “supposedly” defend himself over the course story? somewhat classify Henry as superhuman? it would still be wrong because of the ammount of time practiced and mannered with him! engaging all feats of combat in a short time? my friend Henry is special it takes Months even years for supreme warriors of the past to master their skills! and even in this time frame according to KCD “NPC’s” its only less than a month! and for someone in the real world to master their crafts then less than a month! by all means Henry is a F***ING BAD***! XD lol

It’s a game after all… :joy:

I mean, if we were playing Superman, we could be fighting 4vs1 even easier than it is… hehe :wink:


The majority of over 3,000 isn’t 3,000. More like 1,500 and change.

Regarding being an outlier, of course but you missed the larger one. There are very few people who’ve played KCD over 1,000h. And I haven’t played for months (waiting for mod support).

I’ve played primarily as a horse archer (gotta be mobile to carry all that equipment off the battlefield).

One shot kills aren’t easy. And, I’m not the best at it as I only have +100 headshot kills. But, is that a problem? There are accounts of medieval battles in which guys get lit up with arrows. Didn’t kill them as much as slowed them down and made fighting tough for them (with arrows sticking out of their armor like quills in a hedgehog) . Usually takes multiple shots to kill guys in good armor in KCD. That comports with historical accounts.

Back to the point, archery is far from useless. You can use archery in combination with some/a lot of melee (up to you) to rid Pribyslavitz of its nest of vipers. You can use it to supply all the cervid meat Bohemia could possibly consume.

Beyond that, single strike lethality isn’t a good measure of usefulness. I’m able to hunt anything on 2 or 4 legs with enough success to accumulate over 1,000,000 groschen and a city’s worth of the highest end weapons and arms (was hoping in vain that WH would enable the equip mechanic, at least among Pribyslavitz NPCs).

As far as the comparison with Legolas goes. My archery skill level isn’t on par with him but my age (in game) is



I.E.: just near Ledetchko you can find 12 wild boars worth +100k guaranteed in least half day. Easiest way to make tons of money

I have over 5 mil groshen. I kill many enemies with a bow and better piercing arrows (dipped in Bane is particularly effective). For a while, I used a Cuman bow but now use the sinew bow. I can hit enemies at far enough away that I can’t tell what they are yet. It takes practice. My bow and hunting skill are 20.

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