Kingdom come deliverance is more medieval Simulator than a game

I love kingdom come, it has excellent graphics very realistic gameplay and mechanics but the complexity of combat system makes me want to pull my hair out, especially when trying to perform a combo attack, I have to remember tons of slash and stabs, up left down right down left rights all in the right order without being interfered once or it will fail especially when I sparred with Barnard, who was always dodging and counterattacking which makes it very hard for me to do a single combo. IMO the combat system in this game should be much more simple, the attacking from up down right left left down right down should be canceled, and fights should be sword clashings with automatic/random directions and the higher blocking level you have the more chance you can block it and masterstrike counter attack(sorry for my English), and combos should be a lot more simple to perform.

Copy & Paste from Reddit: