Kingdom Come: Deliverance... Movie!?


I see there is an advantage of speaking czech into this topic. :smiley:
Thanks for the inforamtion about their history, I checked about Stříbrná Skalice and already knew why Kobyla left his castle, and yes it burned down. But weren´t the ruins still his property? How can Venseslav IV. gifted this to Jan Sokol of Lamberk if it was not his property?


As I said above Kobyla was put in the governor (hejtman) post of Skalice by knight Ctibor of Skalice.
So thecnically Kobyla did not own Skalice.

Also I believe that even if he was the owner it would not matter because he turned brigand. And that is reason enough to take it from him, I’d say.


Ah, okay, good to know, thanks. And yes, you are right if he turned brigand the king could expropriate him.


I fonud another source.
There is witten that Skalice in 1403 belonged to Venceslav IV. himself and he put Kobyla in burgraves post there.
But that is not really important, is it.


Fun fact after few years. Petr Jákl was a model for Runt.


Andrei Rublev
Marketa Lazarová
La Reine Margot
Arn - The Knight Templar


The movie shooting starts in few weeks. Jan Zizka will be played by Ben Foster and Michael Caine should be a fictional character named “Lord Boresh”. Overall it wraps up pretty neatly, I hope the screenplay isn’t complete garbage, but I highly doubt Caine would be a part of something bad.



i agree with you


Actually I found an extraordinary cinematographed masterpiece:
Alexander Nevsky (1938)


I would like to go on a movie like that, but KDC is not such a popular game that films and series are made about it. Movies with “Fire and Sword” are really good and have a similar atmosphere, the whole movie is great, here is link you can switch subtitles