Kingdom Come: Deliverance... Movie!?


Is it possible that some day you guys could make a realistic medieval movie? I would really love some realistic sword/axe/mace fighting :smiley: still haven’t seen a movie that is realistic yet.
I’ve seen the duelists but I don’t see fencing being medieval combat.
Well what is everyone else thoughts? Should we make a Kickstarter for a KCD movie? XD lol jk but still I think it would be neat.

Appearance of Jan Hus

Funnily enough, there is actually a czech movie from exactly that time and place in making. It’s called “Jan Žižka, The Outlaw”. It is supposed to be based on true story of Jan Žižka, a general leading Hussites who is one of the six greatest military leaders in history who have never lost a battle. And it is supposed to take place before the Hussites became a thing, in the time when Charles IV. died and his weak son - Wenceslas IV. became a king, i.e. this is EXACTLY the time, place, and people from KC:D.

It is directed by Petr Jákl jr., who is actually above average czech director (considering that almost all contemporary czech movie directors are simply awful), so it might end up to be a good movie.

Here is a link to czech IMDB-like website, I don’t think there are anywhere information in english.

edit: This brings me to an idea, did you know about the movie, @TobiTobsen and @Hellboy? It’s not very known in public, I discovered it by accident. I think there might be a potencial for cooperation, even if just for advertising. Your game can help to bring quite a big international audience to that movie (Jakl’s last movie Ghoul actually was for international market) and they could help you as well imo. Connection of a game and a movie might be interesting for both sides. I can for example imagine that ads on KC:D played in theaters before the movie might be super effective. The movie should be in theaters in Q4 2016, which is imo the time when KC:D will be released as well. :innocent:


Badass of the Week: Jan Zizka


Oh, sounds pretty good :slight_smile:
Hope there will be a german or at least a english version about this movie :smiley:


thx for info thats pretty awesome.


i hope there will be english version



Battle of Sudoměř, 1420, through the lences of 1955 director.

For the impatient:


For the curious:

As a note - this depiction is probably not historically accurate. The wagon fort that was set up at Sudoměř was a makeshift decision and wagons were probably not as tuned up for war at this battle as in the video. Also, use of firearms and canons was more improvized at this battle.

The strategy showed in the film was however brought to perfection due to experiences from this battle and allowed the combo of wagon fort and firearms in the hands of peasants to defeat the best professional armies of Europe in the decades to come.

Also, note the rather large ratio of female warriors on the war wagons (which is historically accurate depiction). Another historically accurate thing is the cavalry being stuck (and many drowned) in the mud. It was really a victory against all odds made possible by Žižka’s genius plan to use the wagons as a wall and cover the rear by emptying the ponds. They actually put blankets into the mud so once the horses stepped on them their feet got entangled in them and the knights fell down into the mud and water - with the heavy armor on.


I would not patronize Žižka much.

Though he looks a fucking badass in this painting of Battle of Grunwald

this is him:

Praise the mighty mustache


Even though that’s pretty neat, it looks more like fencing with sabres to me. Im no historian though, so I wouldn’t know if they are classified as swords or sabres.


it’s sabres and it’s not medieval. it is only to give an idea how a medieval movie might be made. no music during fighting. character says “knightly customs” to show he is above the ordinary soldier who is quick to want to mutilate a vanquished opponent.


Is he? I read number of comments, at CSFD or elsewhere, with their authors not being so sure about him. There are some good modern films, not everything is that bad, but czech filmmakers cannot generally make good historical movies - especially due to lack of the money. Petr Nikolaev tries to, he ain’t bad director, but with no money at all, you can’t tell history in all its aspects and complexity. Maybe Warhorse should teach them how to use kickstarter properly :smiley:


Considering the garbage that goes to theaters from czech movie makers, I would definitely call him above average. That doesn’t mean he is the best, but imo he has proved that he can make a solid movie. Kajinek has rating 6,4, which is on it’s own above average of how modern czech movies are rated, and it was the most succcesful (considering number of viewers in theaters) czech movie in the last 20 years or so. It is no masterpiece, but it is entertaining movie and many people liked it. His second movie was also recieved fairly well. With rating 6.2, most people agreed that it is a well made horror movie, basicaly the only czech horror movie that doesn’t look like a joke, although lacking originality. Both movies are definitely above average.


Thanks for the tip. It could be so, I don’t have any data for it, generally I watch only few czech films per year - carefully selected ones, since I’m not that much interested in various chamber social dramatas or whatever. I’m not much into horror stories either. But since Ghoul has 62% and another 2015 film, Fotograf, has also 62%, I don’t consider it that much above average. Rather average ones.

The most succesful, last time I looked, was still Dark Blue World (aka czech version of Titanic… this time in skies), with actual 80% rating on CSFD. Also film Cosy Dens has 91% which is probably more, than any other czech or czechoslovak film achieved in history.

But when it comes to historic movies, it’s much, much worse. There was some ‘In the name of the King’ movie going few days back in TV, and it had just one thing - Karel Roden. Otherwise it was a disaster. I heard it was based on some Vondruska’s novels, so I only hope there will be more funds and better scenarist for other works from him, J. Cervenyak or Z. Koubkova. And Sapkowski’s hussite trilogy also wasn’t filmed yet, was it? Maybe another important task yet waiting for Dan Vavra… heh :blush:


I find a very interesting article about Jan Zizka:

Hope you will like. :smile:


A weasel know that chance is pretty high we will see Jan Žižka in the game. :wink:
Maybe not Act I but there is a suspicious link between the world of kingdom come and Žižka.

maybe some Spoilerwarning:







In the Game we will play as Henry son of a Blacksmith from Stříbrná Skalice. This town was property of a Knight called Racek Kobyla and he will be our Lord in the game, but chances are high he will not survive it, because in 1403 king Wenceslaus IV confers castle of Skalice to another knight called Johann Sokol of Lamberka. But how was this possible if Racek Kobyla is owner of castle? Because dead people don´t own property… So knight Johann Sokol of Lamberka will be our new lord if Racek Kobyla is dead.
In 1410 Johann Sokol of Lamberka fought against the knights of the teutonic order in the lower Vistula Land, and one of his men was Jan Žižka. Maybe they were friends and know each other since some years. So, as you see, there is some historical accurate place to meet Jan Žižka in the game. But -Pssst-, Warhorse don´t know, we already know their storyline :kissing_heart:


spoiler warning:
one of the acts will definitely feature battle of grunwald, so almost confirmed will meet zizka. also, google racek kobyla you can know what happens to him with google translate.


Great idea :smiley:

Edit: looks like Racek Kobyla died later in 1416, but why does he lost his castle then?


Quick wiki search reveals that at some point Žižka was bandit and he met ( probably worked with) Jan Sokol of Lamberk, Racek Kobyla and with Hynek of Kunshtat known as Dry Devil.

Some clear up:
Sokol - Falcon
Racek - seagull
Kobyla - mare


When Zigismund abducted his brother Venceslav IV. He then continued to plunder and kill through out the lands. He took Kutná Hora in 1402 and soon after he get to Skalice caste of which Racek Kobyla was in charge. (he was governor of Stříbrná Skalice put there by knight Ctibor of Skalice).
Racek fled through a secret passage. The castle was destroyed.
In 1403 Venseslav IV. gifted this ruin to Jan Sokol of Lamberk.

Racek Kobyla turned brigand remaining that for twelve years. He then was granted royal pardon by Vesleslav IV. and he was granted a title of provincial Marshal.
When hussitisim (?) was spreading he was sent to Kutná Hora in concerns for royal treasure. This lead to death of his and his twelve helpers. They were killed by a mob of miners.

This should clear it up.