Kingdom Come: Deliverance "The Release Date"


Because not everyone can shell out $60 for a game like it’s nothing, many people have to pick and choose. Why do you think grey market resellers exist?


they exist because mommy won’t lend them her credit card. it’s not a problem for adults who have a job.


I hope it is spring.


Hate to be the bearer of bad news… But I just found this on amazon I really hope its wrong, but doubt it, as they wouldnt have picked a random date themselves to put on there, so its most likely accurate, but still hoping, as 1 thats so far away ): Dec 29…
and second, I think it would be better for the company not to release during holiday season.
Really excited about it either way, but defiantly sad cant play it before winter.


Huh. I like the cover they have on there :stuck_out_tongue:


I dont know, but I want to believe that it would not be unusual for Amazon to state some placeholder release date…

THIS seems to be the same situation.
For RDR2 they say: "This item will be released on December 31, 2017"
Rockstar has announced a trailer for 20 October and release for Fall 2017. So Amazon just put the latest date in the year, right?
But why they 29Dec for KDC? I have no idea, but it would seem like a pretty weird choice to me.


I can confirm that it is a placeholder date.
It is indeed somehow weird that they used the 29th of December, but it is still not the actual release date.


That’s definitely a placeholder. It’s usual that product manager puts a placeholder date and it can be because of several reasons. WH will tell us release date when they will be able to announce it, it isnt that easy due to negotiations with publishers and publisher networks (like sony or MS). Its far better to dont know release date, than know announced release date and then hear about change of it because of failed negotiations.


And you can still choose, no matter if they released both at the same time.
So, if KCD appears after ME4, the decision is still easy for me =
I will not give a 35 years old hypocrite company only one dollar again.

I don’t know what you mean with that.
I know anyway that the decision for KCD will be negative.
The decision is already fallen so why this discussion.
KCD in 2018 and happy birthday ME4 -.-


ahh ok yes that makes since they would have a place holder date, thank you for the clarification.


Yea but that’s a N = 1 sample, many people know MEA b/c of how well it’s advertised, with KCD, much less people know about this game. So if they released it at the end of March, that’s great(like, GREAT), I will buy both in a heartbeat. But for many other people, they don’t even know this game exists/know less about this game than MEA/have much more attachment to the ME universe etc. that they would almost 100% pick MEA. Why did you think Titanfall2 had such a bad playerbase despite the game being a 9/10?

Side note: I am actually really, really pumped for ME: A, not necessarily for the story pre-se, but for the world/adventure, they look terrific, the DLC, not so much lol.

Google grey market resellers, you will see what I mean.

I have no idea what you wrote here lol, care to clarify?


Because amazon doesnt work on 30th and 31st I think


Nah, they have other titles with 31st. My guess would be a coding for ‘expected release date, unconfirmed’ (e.g. Q2, vs Q4). Or it could just be a random date at the end of 2017 ish to make the database work, but with no other meaning at this time.


Frankly, I don’t give a dime how many FPS they get from consoles.

All I care is PC optimization. It isn’t right to have an expensive PC which run Wither 3 on ULTRA (real ultra) setting on stable 40+ FPS only to get screenshots when playing Deliverance Beta.

The encouraging part is that if @warhorse managed to get 40 FPS out of that nonsense hardware, they they are most definitely able to get 60+ FPS from an average gaming PC. Of course, if they really want it. :slight_smile:

As if 29 December is true (maybe it isn’t), it will mark full 2 years delay from original release date Christmas 2015. Better be worth the wait :slight_smile:


I sure hope it will be released before WW3 begins


I’m hoping the release date will be soon i’m ready to add this to my library and begin playing. the beta is ok but i’m a bit on the lost side and want to see the full extent of what i can do in the game.