Kingdom Come: Deliverance "The Release Date"


Well I think many people will ask and have done so already but I wanted to see if Warhorse Studios can give us some more info on a release date (all consoles at the same time right?). Now I understand if a specific day and month are impossible to give right now but a little more info would be highly appreciated. Is this coming out close to the start of the year, mid-year or more at the end of the year?

I hope Warhorse Studios has taken every other major game and it’s release in consideration as well. You don’t have to be a genius to know that releasing close to for example “Red Dead Redemption 2” is going to hurt you big in sales. And while the end of the year may attract a bigger sales crowd with the holidays, all major AAA publishers release at that same moment. In my opinion the best months are June - July - August - Begin September since almost no major games release and many people are looking for a good game to play + a lot of people are home or come back from vacation.

Statement about the release date discussion

I think they dont know for sure ATM, as @DrFusselpulli mention like thousand times. But if you ask me I think they will inform us minute after the decision :slight_smile:


I think you have awnsered your own question. Most likely would be summer.

If we get it earlier, then we got lucky. If we get it later, well… then optimization has taken alot longer than we thought.


I would like to know too, but do we really need to know?
I think that KC will succeed with “it’s done when it’s done” announcement more, rather than rushing it out before RDR2 (which may get delayed anyway).
Now, when they have just assembled the whole game together, various problems will start to show. For such an reactive, non-linear, openworld RPG, it is crucial to give the game all the love it can get, especially in this stage of development.

I hope they can make it on Summer. I expect they will share release date in a new trailer before E3.


Yes it is planned to release it for Windows and next gen consoles at the same time.


I can say that RDR 2 isn’t a threat to KC: D. Genres are too different, but, i can say that releasing KC: D near the release date of Mass Effect: Andromeda it is a suicide for the game. I hope, they choose the May as a release date, because there are a lot of time to play and all people will play ME: A already. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and Blood and Wine released in the May. Positively, it will be great time to realse game, in my opinion.


I will never understand why it would be suicide for KCD when it is released at the same time as a completely different genre game !?
So nope… Myself, will not play ME:A every time :sunny:
By the way… first reason for that statement will be the mp mode of ME:A.
It’s an EA title and they will produce thounds of more games with the same technique.
Don’t understand me wrong, i’m a great fan of Mass Effect but they did many crap with two and three.
So again, nope, not every single minute :smile:
No one of this people will create a game like WH :stuck_out_tongue:


This is not the point. If an AAA Title is released and the company is starting a huge Advertising campaign it can be a bit difficult for KCD to fight against it… The most advertising slots are already blocked by the AAA Title…not an easy decision…


pffff you don’t but millions of people will, i will, KC: D is too niche game for narrow range of people. So, i strongly believe thay release KC: D near ME: A is a suicide.


I agree!

However, RDR2 is another genre, to begin with. Aaand, out of greed, Rock$tar left out the PC version, again. So many PC gamers can buy Deliverance and can’t buy RDR2, eventually with Windows 10 Store if Micro$oft show mercy.

And PC (either Windows or Linux; even Mac) were the main auditory before Warhorse got mainstream into console market. More or less, I think KC:Deliverance will be released in the Autumn and it won’t be hurt much by RDR2 or any other game in that regard.


Yep friend, Mass Effect 1 is by far the best game in the trilogy!
I will probably try Andromeda out of sentiment towards the universe, but I share your doubts for EA.


Sorry if it sounds a bit rough…
And?! Which advertising campaign?!
And this is the point, How will they differ from 1, 2 and 3?
Not great… Only the same empty words or three crap trailers which showing absolut nothing special.
-You can Walk everywhere
No game has so far fulfilled this, example, invisible walls on hills/mountains.
And they are not at the borders. Oh and KCD will have these walls in ponds, lakes, seas, etc.
-Kill everyone
which is mostly the biggest lie ever! Why?! Because otherwise you probably can not solve the half of the quests, since all important NPC’s are dead (reason for so many non-essential mods)
I’ve created one of the best unlocker for ME3 but Bioware and EA fucked it up with his laws and copyright shit. A Mod, which is based on a txt file!? WTF!?
They did everything to destroy the community
And the game has still annoying bugs and glitches (one reason for ppl to leave the community)
(especially the first N7 Helmet in combination with a female character and long Hair styles)

EA did the same psychological things again and again …
the only words i can say is, everyone has to know how he can be bothered by EA with his super noobish Origin again. One game from EA is like all the others from EA
(Like Battlefield… everytime the same game. And Battlefront is now destroyed! Thanks to Battlefield)

To this I say, that’s peoples fault, if they can’t distinguish a 0815 title from something really good. :smile:

But I also prefer a different date than ME: A too :wink:


do not agree with this statement that people can’t distinquish bad game from the good one. Our opinions are different here. I’m glad that u understand that it is a bad idea release two big games of same genre near to each other. Thanks for conversation, good luck. :wink:


I believe what @Urquhart is saying is that AAA games can blind people and hide KCD if it were to release at the same time. Everyone will be looking in the other direction at the AAA game instead of KCD.


A valid point to make really… No point trying to compete with the mass hysteria and hype that most AAA publishers attempt to create through sheer force and volume, both before and on release.

KCD will shine on it’s own regardless of course. But from a sales & marketing perspective, it would be silly to release on or around another big title, regardless of how dissimilar they may be. All that does is work to steal away potential buyers focus.


Except that Mass Effect isn’t your everyday Call of Duty, but a really Amazing Series. Maybe even the best “Series” which Bioware offered us. I mean if i think about Dragon Age, the Quality of this Game differs from Game to Game hugely. Origin was pretty Amazing, 2 was utterly crap and 3 was better and the first step in the right direction but still not comparable to Origin. Mass Effect “only” issue was the Ending from the third where everyone bitch about… and while this might really be argueable the weakest point of the Series, the rest of the Series was an Amazing Journey.

Actually its argueable to begin with, to force the fault on the Players and title their Taste/Interests ans 08/15. It’s an simple fact that Games such KCD are pretty niche, and if people wouldn’t be to biased about this, they would even understand that. Realistic Setting like this is pretty limiting in so many way, while Fantasy can you offers much more, and theoretically if properly done, even approach an more realistic way. I mean Game of Thrones is the best example. And Lord of the Rings or Witcher would be half as amazing without other Races, Magic and such things…

KCD is simply made for People who love the realistic/history approach, which clearly has it’s own targed audience, and i’m happy that Warhouse is one of the very few examples who take this approach. However in my Opinion KCD never stands suprerior to “AAA” TItels per se.

Even though i wouldn’t claim this as a issue because i don’t think that ME or RDR2 would take the KCD crowd away, if the release date is done properly, there might be some people who pick this game up as a filler until the next game is released and could be surprised/addicted to the game…


In case you are bored like me, HERE is something to speculate upon:

I would not bet anything on it, but I guess that Xbox one build runs at 41.1 FPS on this screenshot? Seems too good to be true but, that would imply that optimisations works are quite impressive and support our optimism towards the possibility of summer release…


Dude @DrFusselpulli we need close ups of the Darth Vader poster near Jakub.

Is that @TobiTobsen I see?


Sure, I can send you a picture of the Darth Vader poster.
And yes, this is Tobi right there.


Lmao they “did many crap”. I hate it when they do many crap too bro haha