Kingdom Come: Deliverance: Trainer (+20) [1.2.1 - 1.3.4] The Mogician


Author Edition Version Language Function Data
The Mogician Steam/GoG 1.3.4 Eng 20 27.03.2018


  • Copy files from the archive to the folder with the game.
  • Run the trainer first, then the game.
  • During the game, press the keys indicated in the coach.


  • It is possible a false alarm of antiviruses on the trainer, before the game do not forget to disable AV in order to avoid conflict situations with it.


Then why Bother to play the game? It isn’t hat hard that you hafta be Superman in blue tights to do it.


Nice to see that there are still people who sharing own created trainers without asking for money ay

In Memory of GGHZ
Was my favourite group and i have investigated Alice Madness Returns for them.

EDIT: Maybe you can add the file size to file info section?
For most trainer creators and users it is a important note!