Playing this game now for the past week, I have to admit this is one of the least realistic games, instead of being advertised as one of the most realistic games.


  1. Jumping over or even going through small bushes seems to be impossible at times, even when riding a horse (how can a tiny bush stop a man or horse in its tracks?).

  2. Jumping over small fences (as tall as few inches) seems to be really hard, even when riding a horse.

  3. Playing dice - played around 10 times, never won, not even once (even when having 3 “lucky” dices (Holy Trinity Die, Lucky Playing Die and Odd Die). Every time I am coming near the win, “AI - opponent” suddenly gets a lot of points and I lose.

  4. I have been playing for a week, I have gained a lot of strength, agility, sword, warfare and many other skills - I do not see any difference between fighting with the sword when I just started (Level 0) and when I am near “10th” level. Henry is as slow AF, while “AI” opponents are jumping from side to side, keep hitting you with hits one after another not allowing you much as when being hit, henry suddenly slows down almost to a standstill. in addition, henry after two/three hits gets tired, while the “AI” opponent seem not even to break a sweat.

  5. Shooting with a bow is one of the “least realistic” actions - to draw a bow takes literally about 3-5 seconds for the shot to be ready/charged. I had a chance in my life to shoot arrows using a bow and I could draw it 3x times faster than Henry in the game.

There is a lot more, which I am planning to keep adding when experiencing the issue, I already forgot about some other issues concerning realism in this game.

  1. Those aren’t bushes they are hedgerows. Ever hear a story about the ones in france after the invasion in 1944? Impassible by tanks. Not horses but tanks.
  2. I can see where you’re coming from but I haven’t had that problem personally.
  3. Farkle!!! I love farkle. Here’s an alternative way to win. Lose all your money then stab the bastard that took it and loot him.
  4. Keep training. It does get better.
  5. Did you shoot like a master the first time you held a bow? I do agree Henry is absolutely horrible with archery to begin with.

If you stick with it I promise one day you’ll be ambushed by 5 cumans and almost easily kill them all and be like “how the hell did I get so good at this game??”


Your points aren’t even important. The most fact why this game is far from realistic is the absence of children.
And the HUD that you can’t hide also harms the feeling to be in a realistic world.


Well, it’s a game and literally every game is far from realistic, but Kingdom Come is really close.
Also your points are really lame and I don’t see on them anything unrealistic. You just need to get better in game and practice game mechanics.
I didn’t have a problem with any of this and I’m playing in hardcore mode. So your problem is maybe just somewhere between keyboard and the chair :smiley:

  1. That is common criticism and somehow valid (especially in combat). But bushes are more difficult terrain than most people think. And not only in Normandy but also here in Czech Republic where the game takes place.
    You may end up entangled even in relatively small bush. So realistically you should be able to enter, then slow down nearly to become immobile, losing stamina walking and possibly getting hurt or the clothes damaged. So blocking movement isn’t that unrealistic.

Still, definitely aspect to improve.

  1. It is about timing and I do not have the problem but as Satyagraha92 said, I can see your point.

  2. This is more likely because you are risking too much or it was just a bad luck (10 games aren’t many). It is good source of income if you have special dices (and your opponent not)

  3. Being player level 10 has no direct influence on the combat.
    The difference in speed depends on warfare skill, the difference between your and your opponent to be precise.
    If your Henry is getting tired fast you may consider carry some armour (reduce stamina lose from incomming hits), improve your stamina or check if your weapon doesn’t require higher strength or dexterity. If the weapons prerequisites are not met then you can still use the weapon, but fighting with it will drain your stamina much faster.
    Or you are maybe challenging enemy that is too high above your Henry.

AI has the same mechanic as the player in combat like amount of stamina depending on stats, stamina cost for operation and damage… etc.

  1. This gets quicker with training and higher agility. I have no doubt you can draw modern light sport bow faster, but try strong longbow (actually don’t do that without training, you could get hurt).
    Also, it is hard to represent realistic mistakes in archery in game like not drawing to the same spot each time, wrong stance, taking time preparing arrows and so on… you would not see those in 1st person and it would be quite confusing. This has the same effect and player knows what is happening.

The speed of weapons are based off of your warfare skill, and the game is certainly realistic, this game is certainly the most realistic game i played. Armor is armor and you absolutely need armor. Halberds are insane weapons like in reality. Also, henry is unfamilar with a bow, and also you’re likely using a warbow. Bows in the middle ages were pretty heavy things. Look at KCD Archery popshot’s video, he will explain the realism of archery.

And In reality people wouldn’t just take turn when fighting you, if you just don’t retaliate they will keep swinging, so parry then follow up with a strike. And if you’re having difficulty jumping with a horse. Stand still then jump. And your character will vault fences automatically.

I don’t see what’s so unrealistic. Anything else that is? Because I’m not saying this game is perfect but i have different issues.

  1. yes there are some think brushed that you cant get true… just like in real life.

  2. learn the game.
    Many opponents use weighted dice just like you… Get better at cheating.
    Also there are a perk that will help if you can’t be bothered to actually learn the game.

4.Carrying to much armour? fighting well trained opponents? Never trained with Bernard?

if you don’t train with Barnard to get access to more advanced Technics you will have a very limited number of options.
After you done that the game get too easy.


You and many before you. Realistic doesn’t only mean the game is flawless or without invisible barriers but mostly this: realistic = no fantasy.
Others complained about dice. Did you consider that your opponents are also swindling? There’s your answer.
I have replayed KCD and I can tell there’s huge difference between 0 and 10. Henry 0 doesn’t know how to practically fight, block combos, loses clinches, only sparring with a friendly teacher and is very slow.
Once you level up bow, you can shoot within 1-2 seconds but the accuracy isn’t guaranteed.
Nothing points out the game isn’t realistic, don’t call out bugs. If you want play realistic, go outside.


A while back I found the spiked warhammer to be the best weapon in the game. Its pretty quick and devastating against light armored npc’s. makes short work of guy’s in heavy plate as well, but being surrounded IS a bitch, regardless.
Also, if you’re trying to use a bastard sword with a shield, you’ll probably get your ass kicked. Alot.
I tend to go for chain armour over plate as I seem to move faster. Weight related, methinks.
Just last night I had to revert to a slightly lighter bow untill Henry gets crazy good with it. then I’ll try the heavier one again.
I’ve yet to see a fence in the game that’s only a few inches tall and Henry has no problems with most of them. In fact you can ( I think) level up agility by doing this, which helps with archery and combat.
Personally, I don’t try to jump things on my horse because my timing sucks. It’s not the horse or the game mechanics, it’s me.
Also, I see some folks complaining about fast travel and getting ambushed. They’re immediately surrounded and being pummeled from all sides without a chance to defend or fight back.
So my advise would be, don’t fast travel. It’s not realistic anyway.
As far as the dice goes, that’s one thing I can almost agree with you about… Almost. Couple years ago I loved that game, but it’s changed somewhat and I’m having a tougher time with it. Can’t really tell if the game is tougher now, or if it’s been so long that I just forget how to play it right. But for now, I look at the guy’s name and if he seems like a gambler I’ll wait for a local to play against until I get better at it, anyway.

Have to correct myself, here. It’s vitality that increases from hopping fences and such, not agility. Do pardon me.

For about half an hour I used a long sword with a shield myself. Then I came on here looked it up and felt like a true asshole. Lol

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Nah, there’s quite a learning curve to this game. I’ve only come back to it from a while away and seem to be starting from scratch. Which only makes me love it more.

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As far as archery goes you have to practice a hell of a lot. Once you have done enough Rattay quests for the archery contest to become available, you can practice like crazy and eventually even make some money at it.

I don’t think any of your dice are very good. Level your archery and get the Agility perk that makes you good at dice. Sometimes if I know a player has good dice I stalk him and rob his dice, gotta be sneaky about that though.

For combat I spend a helluva lot of time in the ring with Bernard. Unarmed is a great way to start since it makes you level strength and doesn’t totally destroy your armor/clothes.


As far as destroying armor and clothes when training (especially with maces, holy God), I typically strip down to my skivvies before getting in the ring…maybe keep a cheap helmet and a gambeson to prevent the worst injuries…and practice not getting hit. :laughing:

It’s easier and cheaper to sleep off some injuries on a nearby cot, than it is to drop Groschen repairing equipment.


Thing about Hardcore, even with just sword and shield, Bernard beats the living daylights out of me, and I limp back to my room, blood dripping into my eyes, after just a bout or two… until I level up quite a bit. There’s no easy way to avoid days upon days of training, which I do love. (I know, you can get a miracle cure if you train combos or master strokes but where’s the immersion in that?)

So I have tried naked training with Bernard … exactly once. :stuck_out_tongue:


Hahaha. Even in normal mode he layes a god awful smack down on me with a mace. I’m pretty sure Henry had crapped in his boxers by the time he left the ring.

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Oh my, oh my, noobs playing dice always lose… it happens in real life ever.

Right now, with my luck at heaven, nice looking charged dices and Pribyslavitz Boar I just can’t lose a dice game even if I try (nevertheless, It’s always easier to pickpocket dice players…). :rofl:

Keep playing at your heart content. You’ll be bragging soon.

Jesus Christ be praised. Only took about 8 or 9 losses, even to the shabbiest of peasants before I began to roll miraculas (clearly can’t spell miralculus… w/ever) hands and now I love farkle again. Two more beers and I may be able to tackle mirackuluss…Pfft