Kingdom come on ps5 or xbox series x as diamond edition


Can we see a maxed out settings version of KCD on PS5 and Xbox SERIES X since running the game on ultra settings at 4k on most pc’s is a challenge but it looks stunning, will we see KCD on next gen consoles for a DIAMOND EDITION … dynamic indoor casting for shadows on PS5 for ex.

Parallax Occlusion mapping on Floors and and volumetric effects for air dust that only happen at PC Ultra setting, would like this to translate over to Xbox SERIES X and PS5 as a launch title as a DIAMOND EDITION,
also add a very easy mode or cheat leveling to guarantee story progression.

Eurogamer explains:
"Sticking with PC’s absolute top settings however, the first thing you’ll notice is that this version gets a unique and taxing form of dynamic indoor shadow casting. It only triggers at the game’s top graphics preset, and so be warned, it makes performance tumble around interiors, sometimes more so than exteriors. It’s a neat bonus, and it uses any light source streaming through windows to create clean, blended shadows. "

"Next there are the volumetric effects, seen around taverns in particular, highlighting the dust streaming through the air. Again it’s a simple extra, but helps to add a sense of depth to the space between objects. This feature enables at the high setting or above, "

“so it is absent on all console builds at present.”

Another of the more impressive enhancements on PC is parallax occlusion mapping on floor detail.

‘Kingdom Come: Deliverance’ Is A Performance Beast That Makes High-End PCs Cry

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KC:D Diamond Edition?.. NO WAY!!!


God, this would be amazing and I’ve been talking about a “cheat” mode as well. If both were to happen, that’d just make this shitty year a whole lot better