Kingdom Come Sequel Wihes/Suggestion

I just finished my second playthrough with the DLCs and boy do I still love this game two years later. As means to provide some constructive criticism I figured I’d list where, in my humble opinion, the game falls short on its potential and what I’d love to see changed in a potential sequel.

  1. Release the devkit sooner. I understand it took some effort to release, but it feels like you should have dropped it before the DLCs. There is so much potential, but I’m afraid that the hype for this gmae was already gone and therefore only afew skilled modders show interest. It really is such a waste…

  2. More meaningful Romance. Theresa is amongst my favorite female Gaming characters ever. She has such a rich and relatble story, is 100% lovable and the romance with her is fun. Sadly once her Courtship Questline ends, thats it. You get the sequence and done. I at least would like her to move to pribyslawitz, have some relationship dialoge and offer gameplay perks (Buffs etc)

  3. More fluent combat. I do enjoy the combat a lot. Though the constant ripostes by NPCs makes most combos useless and “gamey” strategies like kiting + stabbing way too successful. I think ripostes should have a limited number per time, which depends on weapons and defence skill. e.G.: At low level you & NPCs can riposte once in thirty seconds and high level character 5x in thirty seconds. That would make basic parrying more bread and butter and heavily benefit combos.

  4. Helmet Klapp-Visors that actually open and close on the model. Either having a “normal” conversation hiding behind the helmet or taking off the helmet each time you socialize stinks. Make the Klappvisors open out of combat, so we see Henry face. This game builds so much great immersion, this just breaks it for me.

  5. Reward putting on the armor correctly. I love putting on my armor layer per layer. There should be some kind of defence buff/perk if you put on the armor pieces in the right order.

Other than that just keep doing what you are doing. KCD is so great because you dare to go for refreshing new ways to do RPGs and Games in general. Dont through everythign overboard just to appeal to the mass market.

What is everybody elses hopes and whishes?

Well said.

I’d like to see less doll-like characters in-game (they are more lively in cutscenes) and some weird AI behaviour fixed. The constant “Who’s there??” when I walk near NPC is always kinda Huh?-moment. It’s like they’re blind or demented or something LOL

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One more feature we need in the upcoming game. Badly

Mounted Combat
I understand that Polearms have been added later, but of course we will need Lances for awesome Charge attacks and Mounted Combat Combos in order to make it viable.

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Ive put in sooo many hours in this game I absolutely love it just seems to be lacking in certain places.”ill name some” not enough npc on roads not enough renaissance themed tourneys and no mounted combat like being chased by cumans and no companions this game requires companions not mutt a true companions

Almost forget no pole arm saddle on horse

I hope that in the sequel you’ll be able to recruit allies/form a party, because right now, with the way that encounters are set up, it’s borderline impossible to play as a rogue-ish type of character. As soon as you stealth-kill one guy, it’s likely that everyone else will be alerted (because everyone is so close to each other). With a small party (2 to 8 people), we could see more depth and tactics in the way fights go down. For example, you could tell your archers that you recruited to wait on a hill between some trees, then get on horseback to aggro the enemies and bait them out of their camp and out on an open field, where they’ll get picked appart by your allies’ arrows.