Kingdom Come wont recognize my resolution


For whatever reason, Kingdom Come won’t recognize my display setting at 1080p even when I make a custom display profile in AMD’s dashboard.

4k is available as is 1366 x 768 (monitor’s native resolution) but anything above 1366 x 768 simply will not show up as an option. even setting the resolution manually in the files through the attribute .xml will just result in the resolution reverting back to 768, even if i make the file ‘read only’.

this is typically an issue I encounter with smaller / low budget indie games. Most games recognize 1080p just fine. What gives? Is there a solution?

I’ve also seen other members post about this issue (Cannot set native resolution 1920x1200) with no solutions in sight, for what it’s worth. Extensive googling has provided no results.

So your monitor has a resolution of 1366 x 768? Then it’s not possible to get 1920x1080 or 3840x2160.

I said 768 is the native resolution, 1080p is supported by my monitor. I run most games at 1080p without issue. My monitor definitely doesn’t support 2560x1440 and yet I have the option in graphics.

I run literally 95% of my games at 1080p, don’t tell me it’s ‘not possible’ for crying out loud. Even if it’s not true 1080p the downscaling is a huge visual improvement over running the game at 768p.

Do Warhorse support staff even post on here, out of curiosity? Because almost every reply I see to the threads beneath this are populated exclusively by frequent posters.

You can use any resolution in this game. Any way you want to use 1920 x 1080 or whatever set your monitor to that resolution.Switch the aspect ratio of the monitor.

EDIT:For those who want to try and do not know to switch aspect ratio,preform scaling on GPU not Display

AMD - How to add a custom resolution

Open AMD Radeon Settings

Select Display

Click Create, located in the Custom Resolutions menu

Custom Resolutions provides an array of configurable display settings,Enter in the desired value for each applicable setting

EG:Select Horizontal Resolution and vertical resolution and any other setting

ClickSave, Radeon Settings will check the compatibility of new settings with the display

Saved custom display mode presets should be listed under the Customs Resolutions menu

Nvidia - How to add a custom resolution

Open Nvidia control panel

Goto: Display - Change resolution - Customize

Tick enable resolutions not exposed by the display, then click Custom Resolution
Nvidia - Aspect Ratio

Open Nvidia control panel

Goto: Display - Adjust desktop size and position

Set scaling to: Aspect ratio or no scaling

Some ridiculous resolution to to see 5760 x 1080

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AMD removed ‘Radeon addiitional settings’ some time back, I’ve done approximately that (created a custom resolution under the ‘display’ tab on driver 19.4.1 (Radeon 480x) and preserved aspect ratio and it’s still not being recognized whatsoever by KC:D.


So are your saying if you perform scaling on GPU instead of display it still does not work.Then I do not get it and maybe I am just lucky ,on my 4K /1080 screens I do not have a problem on any setting.

EDIT: Got such problems in other games too.
My own thoughts were, my monitor isnt really the buyed hardware.
On some games a write protection worked and on other games these configs recreating themself

If a resolution does not work on a certain game this is what you can do to try get resolution to work.

Make custom resolution you want to use.

Set display to the appropriate aspect ratio and scaling on GPU.

If game still does not recognize your display setting then the display needs to be set at a multiple of the resolution you want to use below Native Resolution of display.

EG: I want to play Anthem @ 5760 x 1080.
My monitor is set to 21:9 Aspect Ratio 3440 x 1440
I opened Anthem to play @ 5760 x 1080 and Anthem does not recognized my custom resolution 5760 x 1080 and only recognized my 21:9 aspect ratios .Close Anthem
So what to do is, set display to multiple of the resolution you want to play (5760 x 1080) below Native Resolution of display.
So 2880 x 540 is a multiple of (5760 x 1080)
Open Anthem and resolution should be available.

May not work for everyone but if done correctly ,it should work.