Kingdom of Heaven


Hmmmm was someone watching kingdom of heaven whilst thinking of the plot line between sir radzig and Henry… eerily similar to Godfrey de ibelin and Balian the “blacksmith” in the movie lol. Creativity rightmqdefaultimages


I did. It was great movie.


Who is Renaud de Châtillon?


don’t be mad cuz you got caught up in a twist that you didn’t see coming lol. I though it was good, I was waiting to find out more of why my blacksmith dad was so badass with that sword and why Sir Radzig felt like he owed him so much to take care of me so well…turns out that’s why lol.



Lol it was obvious from the beginning “he owes me”, “your mother was special”, “good job…son”


eh, I didnt pick up on it…I was more into wanting to know why my “dad” was so badass and trying to get his sword back…turns out he’s not my dad and I still don’t have that sword facepalm lol


Spoilers much? I hadn’t reached that part of the game, but now I know, thanks a lot. :frowning:


well, sorry about that man :frowning:
But you really have to tread carefully on here lol