Kingdomcome-store problems

What’s up with this store? I placed an order in December to receive some items. One of the items was a preorder that should be released in march.

The store extended the release date (without sending a message) to the end of June. I tried to contact them on e-mail 3 times, send a message with the contact form on the site and even send a message on facebook. No response at all…

Anyone with the same experience?

I never used the store, however I read a message by someone who had a similar experience. He had to wait until the item was shipped and cleared customs. he waited mote six months from the initial order date.

It’s sad to see that you can’t do anything about that. They don’t provide a telephone number or a address, just a mailadres and a contact form on the site.

4 e-mails, a filled contact-form, two messages on Facebook later… Still nothing.

Did you pay with check or credit card? If you paid via credit card contact the card issuer and dispute the charge due to lack of delivery. Sorry, I hope this helps.

The credit-card company couldn’t help me. Because it was a pre-order a lot of time past.
After placing a message on twitter they found me and started emailing.

Thanks for the reply.

I hope things turn out for the best. Cheers!

I hope it will work out quickly for you, I have never used the store and it does not make me want to do it after reading your