KingdomComeDeliverance won the BEST PC GAME 2017 Gamescom award


Congratulation! Gamescom mission accomplished :slight_smile:

This was only possible because of YOUR support! Thank you!!! :beers: cheers to all…

Winning Tweet


Wow that’s amazing! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Wow, that’s amazing, congratulations!

Anyone knows how is the price decided? Is it voted by journalists participating in GC? Or is it decided by GC themselves? Because if it is based on vote of journalists who tried the game, then it is tremendous news.


It was a group of german and international Games-Journalists.and youtubers…
(source : Gamescom Hompage in German)


As i said before: “All the power in the beard” :wink:

P.S Congratulations! I wish, everything is going to be fine on release. :smile:


OMG! :astonished: congratulations! :slight_smile: this is really good advertisement

stream record, time 9:03:45 It is in German :slight_smile: but Dan and Martin speak English :smiley:


Ermm… Is Hellboy wearing a kilt? :smile:


Yes Sir ! :slight_smile:


Anyone know which game won best rpg at Gamescom?


Ni No Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom


seriously? a cartoon game that looks like it’s made for 8 year olds?

ahh it all makes sense now. that there payola.


It is a tactical-kilt


… thought Braveheart too :smile:
Greetings to you and congratulations!




Just discovered this game and man it looks great. A game right down my alley. I’m on board for the release.


Welcome to the Community :smiley:


Ha Ha… Nice… Hand of Blood <3


Hahahah xD Spandau!!!


Special congratulations to the macOS and Linux backers who were also kind enough to back the Windows version.


Yeah! Well done!