Kiting and AI movement


I just recently played the Beta for this game and I’m enjoying everything about it and can’t wait for the complete game.

I apologize if this post is redundant if this has been discussed already could you link me to the particular thread please thank you.

During combat I was up against 4 or 5 opponents. I created some distance between me and the group, I pulled out my bow and started shooting my arrows. During this situation I thought the AI opponents would sprint up to me since my movement would slow down from drawing my bow but they were jogging instead of sprinting. Since they weren’t catching up to me as much as I thought, I was able to “Kite” them so to speak. I thought I shouldn’t be able to do this, and during that time the injured opponents would start moving exponentially fast while there limping but they would just circle around me instead of just bull rushing straight towards me.

I don’t know if anyone has been through this before but this was just something that I experienced during my time in the Beta and thought I should mention it.

Thank you for reading.


Hi, the AI movement has been already reworked (they mentioned this in latest video update).


Ahh ok thank you


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