Knight Backer in Kickstarter, dont see beta


my backer number is 32,553. I do not see beta download in profile on game. I used same email as kickstarter campaign.


Hello @kku, welcome to the community and thank you for your support. I will take care about your problem, but I probably can´t give you an answer before monday.


hi. No problems really. I actually thought I didnt have access to beta and patiently waited for release, only to find out recently on Kickstarter, that I did kick those extra 5 quid to get beta :slight_smile:


Okay, I had some time today and fixed your problem. You used a different email on the Kickstarter campaing. But thanks to your name in your Profile and your Backer number we were able to find you in the database and link your Pledge to your Profile. You will find a download link to a launcher in your Profile now.


Hi, thanks for prompt response, you are the man. I think it may have to do I changed emails in Kickstarter a while ago, guess it was after backing. Either way, I see the download link now. Cheers and thanks.