KS backer please allow me to swap for GOG key or allow GoG connect


I’m a kickstarter backer for Kingdom Come and I’m looking to play the game but I want to do on GoG, I barely used Steam and don’t support DRM.

Can anyone look on allowing me to activate the game on GoG since you have the game there, I have backed many games that allow me to choose between steam or gog such as Divinity Original Sin or Darkest Dungeon.

GoG also allows to activate games that you own on steam also on their service this would be the best option because it’s pro-consumer so you really own the game on multiple plataforms but I honestly don’t care about the steam copy/key.

Thank you for the fast and precise deliver for the boxed gamed(received on the 12th of February),
Artur MPA


Is it possible now to swap the STEAM key to a GOG key? I haven’t started the game yet because I wanted to wait for this possibility…

I am also a KS Backer with the same problem. I want a copy of the game on GOG, but I am forced to use Steam. I do not want to play the game on Steam. I want to play the game on GOG.