Kuno and his men attack me after we killed Hagen and his band

Is it normal that Kuno and his men turn against me after the last battle against Hagen?

Here’s what I’ve done:

I found Jakey, promised to let him go, he told me about Hagen’s plan to try to bribe Kuno. I went back to the camp, told Kuno that I found Jakey, lied to him about the fact that I killed Jakey and that Hagen was planning to make a turncoat of him, I questioned his honor and he agreed to remain loyal to Radzig and we left for the last battle.

We met with Hagen’s band, he tried to turn Kuno but as I persuaded him not to do so we started to fight against Hagen. I butchered Hagen and 4 of his men in less than a minute and all of the sudden I realized Kuno and his men were also attacking me. I had no choice but to kill them all. I’m still looking for Jan Bearman and Stephan Fletching, I can’t find their bodies, I can’t leave witnesses alive but I hope the quest won’t fail or I won’t have a reputation penalty. I have the save from before the battle if it’s the case. Anyone else had that bug? Aren’t we supposed not to be able to attack Kuno’s men? I can’t swear I didn’t hit any of his men during the brawl but when all of Hagen’s men are dead this should be the end of the fight. And that’s when Kuno and his men turned against me.

couldn’t find Jan and Stephan, I’m heading towards Talmberg hide the loot in the Huntsman cabin and I’ll go back to Kuno’s camp to see if the missing members of the band returned there and I’ll see if I have to silence them too. My reputation with Kuno’s band is now only 66, but the other reputations seem unchanged. Well I guess I’ll do the dirty work for Radzig now that Kuno has paid his debt to my liege.

Stephan and Jan are back at the camp and they act like nothing happened, good. I guess I have to empty Kuno’s chests and keep what’s inside in case some members of his family come by Rattay and ask for his stuff. A sad story really, but I’m glad these 2 lads won’t snitch.

But this clearly means that what happened was a bug

I reported to Radzig and Henry said that Kuno and his men were all safe and alive. So yep, bug confirmed